Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My sticket

Sticket = stupid ticket

That's what I've been calling this parking ticket that I got the day I went to see my beloved Captain Jack.  The movie started at 5:30, I got to the theater at 5:30 'cause I had to go by Walgreens and get some Skittles 'cause I refuse to pay $3.50 for the same box of Skittles that Walgreens has for $1.  Paying $3.50 is just criminal.  Y'all know it is.

So, heck yeah, I smuggle Skittles.  I know you ain't judgin'.  You do it, too.

Anyway, I was running late and not paying much attention, I accidentally parked in a handicapped spot.  Really, it was accidentally.  The Galleria has handicapped spots marked with signs that say TOW AWAY ZONE MAX FINE $500 so I parked in a spot right beside the last sign.  Just whupped it on up in there like I had good sense, got out, bought my ticket and went in to see my most favorite pirate in the wide world.

After the movie, I walked out to the parking lot and THEN I noticed the painted handicapped symbol on the pavement right up under my car.

And I noticed a little piece of white paper under my windshield wiper.

I did what anybody who accidentally parks in a handicapped spot would do.  I got in my car, cranked it up, turned on my windshield wipers and let that sucker fly!  I didn't think another thing about it until I was telling Larry about it and he, being my moral conscience in times when I'm iffy (and I'm his, too, 'cause that's how we roll), told me I HAD to pay it.

Dang it.

So I drove around in the theater parking lot that afternoon to see if I could find it.  I couldn't.  I called City Hall that Monday to find out how much I owed and how to pay and it was so soon, I wasn't in the system yet.  She told me the fine is $72.  "Just mail it to the address on your citation.", she says.  Yeah, right.  "That citation is litterbuggin' itself down Watson by now", I say.  (No, I really didn't say that!  I told her I "couldn't find it".  No lie there.)

I've been SICK about having to pay that $72, not that I didn't have it,  I do, it's just such a waste, so careless of me.  I don't do things like this.  Ever.

Today, I had the afternoon off and I decided I was gonna go take care of this ticket.  I went to City Hall and the lady who collects the tickets is on vacation this week.  They sent me to the Police Department.  I went to the Police Department and the sweet lady there couldn't find me in the system.  I told her that it was at the theater and that I'd parked in a handicapped spot and she said, "Oh, well, it was mall security, then" and I say, "They don't send those to y'all to collect?" and she said no, they only involve them when there's a disturbance.  I'll keep that in mind.

She suggested I check with the mall.  So I did.  I went to the mall office, explained my situation, they called somebody from security, I told her my li'l story and she laughed and said, "it's a warning" and she showed me one.  She said they don't give tickets at the mall, just courtesy warnings.  Well, I'll be dogged.

For two and a half weeks, I've been stressing and talking about this blankety-blank sticket.  And it was a WARNING THE ENTIRE TIME.

I thanked her, blessed her heart and promised I'd NEVER do that again.

So, class, what did we learn today??  When you see a little piece of paper underneath your windshield wiper, you might wanna LOOK at it.  It's probably just a Chinese menu but you just never know...


  1. Bless your heart. You are in your mama and daddy's area now. Too young for that. Glad you got things worked out You did the right thing checking out the ticket. Proud of you and glad you are home free. Love you

  2. Good results! Better to be HONEST & free from worry than to always be "lookin" over your shoulder to see if someone is "hot on your trail"...LOL
    It appears....lesson learned. Forgive yourself & just DON'T do it again...hahaha LUV ya bunches