Sunday, August 20, 2017

Weekend ramblings

We went in opposite directions yesterday, Larry down to south Georgia to take care of some business and I went to Macon to a couple of estate sales with my friend, Debbie.  Larry checked out a sale in Albany that was all furniture (borrrrrring!) and then an antique store on the way home.

Deb and I had the best time!!  We even ran into a local celebrity at one sale and I got a gorgeous rug for our bedroom.  And at the other sale (a beautiful old home on Appleton Avenue, built in 1858, with the heart pine floors and ten-foot ceilings, sigh), I got a pretty red and cream tablecloth for fall, a red and white striped vase that looked like peppermint to me, a smaller throw rug and an aqua paisley throw blanket.

Larry brought home some pretties, too!  I'm slowly decorating the kitchen with chickens and roosters, since this stupid poopoo head county won't let me have chickens (yet) but when they dooooo, my girls are gonna be living in style!  This is what I have in mind.

The Chicken Ranch.  For Omelet, Poppy and Sunny Side Up.

It'll happen.  :)

Anyhow, Larry found some Jadeite Rooster stuff!!  A huge measuring cup/pitcher, a lidded canister and two shakers.  I love 'em!!  They look great in the kitchen window.  And they're perfect for the little Jadeite rooster we got in Florida last summer.

He found a pretty little Napco lady head vase for me, too!  I LOVE her little flippy hairdo!

I have wanted a See Rock City birdfeeder for soooooo long.  Not the birdhouse but a feeder.  Well, yesterday at the first sale Deb and I hit in Macon, this one was hanging in a tree in the backyard and I grabbed it.  The roof is metal, they don't make them like that anymore, so it's old.  It's rusty but, to me, that just gives it character.  It's had a life!  And it's perfect.  I hung it in a tree in our backyard and filled it with bird seed.  I love it.

Larry pulled up the sunflowers today.  I was sad.  But they were dead and needed to come up.  They only bloom once or twice per stalk and they sure did their job this summer!  They were gorgeous.

I've planted some red sunflowers next to the house and I hope they'll grow tall there by Thanksgiving.

Larry added some more new fence this weekend, too.

One lone little wildflower blooming between stones in the backyard.  I scattered wildflower seeds all over the place in the spring and they are finally blooming.  

And these pretty things are two poinsettias I had as decoration on the porch last Christmas!  I just planted them out by the fence and hoped for the best.  I'd never planted poinsettia before.  They seem to love it out there.  I'm excited for them to turn red and bloom.  With our weather, though, it'll probably be January or February. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

My summer reading club

It's nice to still have a little summer left in August and September, when the kids have gone back to school and the neighborhood is quiet.  We're going up to Helen next month and we are really looking forward to it. We've rented a beautiful cabin with a gorgeous view of the Appalachian Mountains.  We are really excited about this little getaway, to visit the little Alpine town and maybe even float down the Chattahoochee!

I started a little summer reading club in June and since it's still summer, I'm still reading!  I've read seven books and I'm on the eighth, a famous children's book that somehow I missed.  I guess I had my head buried deep in my Little House books and just never heard of it.  A Wrinkle In Time.  It's great.  My friend, Allison, told me about it and that they're making it into a movie that will come out in March.  I cannot wait. What an amazing story!!

I picked these up at an estate sale this weekend. A first-edition Fried Green Tomatoes, oh my!  I was so tickled to find it.  I love the book, the movie, the cafe, the tomatoes, going to Juliette, the whole experience. 

Mama Makes Up Her Mind sounds hilarious and it's next in my stack to read. 

I've enjoyed my little reading club so much and the books I've selected that I plan to keep on through the fall and winter.  I used to love to read but I've let other things (ahem, the internet) get in my way.  It's been nice to slow down some with that and bury my head in books again.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

My first Dia box!

I signed up last week at Dia & Co. and I got my first box today!

You pay $20 a month and they send you five items. You keep and pay for what you love and send back what you don't.  Shipping is free, both ways!  And they take the $20 off whatever you owe so there's that, too.

I was a little skeptical but they did really good with my first shipment! I guess I neglected to tell them when I set up my profile that I'm a bit petite because the jeans had about a yard of extra material at the foot.  I'm going to send those back and ask for the same pair in a petite. That should work!

This is what I got!

I LOVE this jersey twist top!!  I'm keeping it.  It's a dark navy.  Not so dark in this picture but the light is really bright right there.  I LOVE IT.

These are the jeans.  Kut brand high rise bootcut and they are sooooo comfy. But, you know, there's enough for another pair at the foot.  I hope they have a petite! They look so good with that twist top.

I couldn't even stand this shirt.  Ha!  Too thin and I don't do pleats or pintucks. It's a pretty peach color, though.

I love this boho maxi dress but I'd love it better if it wasn't so "loud".  Larry suggested that I step outside my safe solid-and-small-print box sometimes but this is just too much steppin'.  I loved the fit, though, so I'm gonna ask for one a little more quiet.

This be the print.  It is absolutely screamin'.

And they sent this pretty necklace.  I haven't decided yet if I'm keeping it.

So for my first Dia box, I'm pretty excited!  They hand-picked stuff that fit me perfectly except for the length and I think that's probably my fault because I didn't tell 'em.

I'm looking forward to next month!