Sunday, April 23, 2017


Larry's been working on refinishing the cutest little antique chest-of-drawers and we finally moved it into the house today!

It's solid wood, with six tiny drawers at the top and then the three large drawers.  Since we have replaced all of the drawer and cabinet knobs in the entire house with different ones (no two are alike!), he used our old kitchen knobs for this chest.  He stained it with dark walnut stain and it's just perfect!

Here's how it looked all sanded down:

 And here's how it looks today!

I found this little handmade yo-yo quilt runner somewhere along the Peaches to the Beaches route last month, I put it on the top and I think it looks beautiful there.

And someday when someone buys it at our estate sale, they'll find this written on the back.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day and a birthday!

I left Larry at home today on Earth Day cutting grass and replacing more of the fence and finishing up a chest-of-drawers that he's been working on and I spent some of the day down home in Montezuma for our Katie's third birthday party.  Katie loves Minnie Mouse so a Minnie party it was, complete with cake, cupcakes and pizza!  She got Minnie clothes and toys and Larry and I gave her a Minnie Mouse sofa!  She was so cute opening her stuff.  

I just love this picture of her when she saw Minnie on that little sofa.

Here she is tooting her birthday horn!

Clumsy me, I busted my camera while I was there today.  The strap came loose and I dropped my camera on the concrete step.  10 seconds earlier and it would have landed on the soft dirt and been all right.

Owwee.  Hopefully we can get it fixed.  I finished the birthday party taking pictures with it and they all turned out good so it still works, you just can't see the picture.  I probably won't forget hearing that craaaaackkk any time soon.  It sounded like my ankle felt when I broke it.  Owwee.

I came home and finally got my little garden planted.  I decided to try container gardening this year so I planted my 'maters and peppers in a pot and I planted zinnias in the middle.  In two other pots, I planted my lavender, sage and rosemary.

I still have flower seeds to plant --- wildflowers, zinnias, marigolds and mums and I even got a pack of catnip to plant in a pot for Tabbie Hoffman.

Maybe tomorrow...