Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rain is a good thing!

We got some much needed rain today!  We've only had an inch and a half of rain in two and a half months!  Technically, it's still spring but you can't count on the calendar when you live in Georgia.  It's been 97 degrees or hotter every day for two weeks.  It's dry as a loaf of toast around here.

Well, it was.  It started coming up a bad cloud about 6:00 and I wasn't even sure that what I was hearing was thunder, it's been so long.  But then I started hearing the steady ping of raindrops bouncing off my chimney cap (I LOVE that sound!!) and I knew it was RAINING FINALLY!!!!!  YAY!!!!!

Rain is a good thing for 'maters and peppers trying to grow.

I put chicken wire over my strawberries because the squirrels 
in my backyard think I planted the strawberries JUST FOR THEM.  

Rain is a good thing for dry toesies, too.  :)

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