Monday, June 6, 2011

With this ring...

Today is my parents' 46th wedding anniversary!  They spent the day together and were able to go down to the lake, have a nice meal and stop by the farmers' market before they started back home.  Sound like an exciting anniversary to you?  It sure does to me and I'm so happy they got this day!!  Some of you may not know the sacrifice my parents make every single day of their lives.  You see, my grandma, my daddy's mama, is in a nursing home.  She is 88 and in poor health and she is completely bedridden.  My mama and daddy get up every single morning, seven days a week, and go to that nursing home to make sure Maw eats her lunch and gets settled back down afterwards.  They have been doing this for years.  They will continue to do this until Jesus calls Maw home.

These two incredible people that I was SO blessed to be born to know exactly what love is.  They LIVE it every single day.  They express it every single day.  Not just to Maw but to each other, their three children, their three in-law children, their two grandchildren and everybody they come in contact with.

Everybody loves Miss Alice and Mr. Rick.  They are the epitome of love, loyalty, commitment and devotion.

This is my favorite picture of my mama and daddy.
It was taken before they married, when they were just teenagers dating.
Are they not the most adorable couple you ever saw??
This picture makes me want to grab a guy and go on a double date with them!!  I LOVE IT!!!!  

This is them on their wedding day.
June 6, 1965
So handsome and so beautiful, 
their whole lives before them.

This is them three years later, 1968, after me and my brother got here.
Our sister, Ami, joined us in 1977 and completed our family.
I just love how Mama is looking at Daddy in this picture!
You know what?  She still looks at him that way.  

With this ring, for better or for worse, forever and ever and ever.

Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids!!  I love you sooooooo much!!!


  1. Simply --Alice&Rick, your Mom&Dad, are AMAZING people!! They are a pleasure to know & love.

    The two of them are beyond simple adjectives!! Only can say, WOW !!

    LOVE 'em bunches....

  2. I LOVE that picture of them when they were dating, too! They are so awesome!! This is so sweet and true. We are very lucky!!

  3. You two girls are something else.Thanks for the memories. Love u