Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's day (and mine, too)

Fried green tomatoes!!
I'll have to steal some good pictures from Ami and Brian later but I wanted to post a few that I took of our day today.  We had such a wonderful day with Daddy!  Mama cooked an amazing dinner, roast, potatoes, carrots and little pearl onions JUST like I wanted!!  And she made me some fried green tomatoes!!  Just for me.  She made a delicious red velvet cake and we had ice cream to go with it.  My diet got shot right in the butt today, I'm just gonna go on and admit that.  

But it was my family birthday celebration, too!!  That gets me a reprieve, I think.  :)

Fresh fried skillet corn 
Birthday cake!
I opened my gifts and I got a shopping SPREE to Bath and Body Works from Mama and Daddy and Ami and Brian!!  Thanks, y'all!!!  BBW has a bunch of new summer scents and I couldn't decide on just one or two and now I don't have to!!  Y'all ROCK!!!

I opened my gifts from Larry, too, and look what he got me!!!  I just LOVE what he got!!!

Dance Star Mickey Mouse!  
He sings and dances to six different songs 
and even moonwalks!  He is the cutest thing!!!

 This is him clapping his hands!
I had so much fun with him today! 
Daddy even videotaped me dancing with him.  Ha!!

 He got me this beautiful Emile Henry pizza stone, too!
I love it!!  I didn't have one at all and I've been wanting to make 
healthy whole grain pizzas at home and now I can!

My baby MADE this gorgeous thing right here for my birthday.  Carved it out of soap. Can you even believe how amazing and incredible it is??  I love lighthouses and he wrote on the card, "To the light of my life -- From a tempest-tossed boat"  Awwwww!!  He is so precious and sweet and romantic.  I promise, I squeeze him every chance I get!  I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful, loving man to be my partner through this life.

 Just look at the detail!!
I put it in our beachy bathroom, 
right beside the vase of sand and seashells 
and the baby sea turtle.  Perfect spot, don't you think?

Ami helps Larry get my stuff together.  She is so sweet to order and hunt things he wants to get me. She's his shopping go-to girl and I'm so grateful to her for that. She made this little beach-inspired box to wrap my lighthouse in. On the top, there's a little slit and underneath, it says Beach Money! It's a bank!  Sooooo cute and sweet and I love it.

Ami put together a love song CD for our parents for their anniversary and she gave it to them today.  This is them opening it along with a framed picture of the five of us that we had taken Mother's Day.

We had such a beautiful day!  Lots of laughter, good food and time spent with the ones we love the most.  You can't get more beautiful than that.

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  1. Thanks honey. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I know Daddy and I did. He enjoyed his gifts and the time with you kids. Love you