Sunday, October 30, 2016

Our October

It's hard to believe this month is gone already!  We've been staying busy getting ready for our neighborhood yard sale next weekend, Larry repainted our deck a couple of weeks ago while I pulled up the last of my sunflowers and weeded flower beds, we went to the fair and I changed jobs, again.  Hopefully, things will settle down for me at work now and I can stay put!

A week or so ago, during a very windy day, we lost our glass top patio table.  I got home from work first and found it like this:

Glass was everywhere!  I'm still getting pieces stuck in my feet.  Our patio set was one of the very first things we'd found when we started estate saleing a couple of years ago.  Oh well.  Larry had an idea to replace the top with wood and that's what he did today!  We wanted it to look rustic and I really love how it turned out.  

I threw a couple of burlap Mexican coffee sacks over it and added a pumpkin.  :)

Twenty-five or so years ago, Larry's brother, Steve, visited Israel and brought us back this mezuzah and Larry hung it on our door today to honor the Jewish side of his family. 

And now we are ready for all the little zombies and princesses who will be here tomorrow night!