Friday, June 24, 2011


That's all I can say about this day.  My 44th birthday.  I had the most beautiful, thoughtful, delicious, fun birthday today!!!  The girls I work with are just incredible.  I don't know how else to describe them.  They love me and they show me.  I'm truly blessed. 

Here are some pictures from my awesome, sweet day!!!

Pretty flowers that Lisa got me!!

Big bag of Skittles that Lisa gave me so
I wouldn't have to buy any for my movie
(Cars 2) today after work!!  Ha!

Playing peek-a-boo with my beautiful balloon, also from Lisa

Yummy Mexican dip that Lisa made,
one of two things today that was South Beach friendly!!  :)

Awesome lumpia that Niki made!  I've never had these before. 
They were beef and cabbage spring rolls and they were delicious!!!

Good Lord.  These brownies Dr. Patrenos made. 
Heaven with a brown sugar crust on top!

Incredible artichoke dip that Cheryl was so sweet
to make and bring to me on her day off!
I ate waaaaaaay too much of this stuff!!
But it was SB friendly and it IS my birthday so there.

This was my birthday cake.
A cappuccino fudge cheesecake that
Michelle made for me.
That girl likes being a nurse but
I believe she has missed her calling.
This cheesecake was unbelievable!!

Just look at it!!
The crust was crunchy and fudgey and awesome.

Beautiful sweet surprise flowers that
I got just before lunch from my mama and daddy!!
A bouquet full of daisies.  My favorite.  Thanks, Mommy!!

Cutie little watch Dr. P gave me!!
I love it!!

Perfect sign for my peaceful kitchen.
Lisa P left this for me. 
She's on vacation at the beach
 this week and missed my party
but she didn't miss my birthday.
So sweet.

These people are amazing.  We're a family and if I had to spend my birthday away from my birth family, I can't think of another group of folks I'd rather be with.  We had a blast today!!!  They gave me huge, very generous gift cards to Kohl's and Old Navy.  Dr. Niebaum gave me a Kohl's gift card, too, and I'm fixin' to go get some new clothes and stuff!! 

I'll probably need bigger ones after this day.  Ha!!  It was such a fabulous day.  I also got 100+ Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook!!!  

And my precious sister wrote a beautiful blog today in honor of my birthday.  

I'm a blessed and lucky girl to have so many people love me and want the happiest of birthdays for me. 

Y'all got your wish.  It was.

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  1. What a special day for you. You truly are LOVED by all who know you, girl.
    Glad it was such a love-filled day for you.
    You DESERVE it all....
    LUV ya, too
    Happy day of your birth. We are all BLESSED by you in our world.