Sunday, November 18, 2018

Things that are keeping me sane right now

After you've had surgery, you need a few things to indulge in to make you feel less icky and more like yourself.  Here are some that I've been using and love.

Avocado Honey Rich Water Balm Cream.  I got a sample in my ipsy bag this month and oh my goodness, it was right on time!  I love anything avocado anyway but this stuff is amazing.  It smells good, it goes on smooth and leaves your face (or anywhere, really) soft and moisturized.  We just turned the heat on in the house for the first time this fall and this stuff keeps my skin super hydrated.  A+++++
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.  I've been using this cream since early summer.  It's a wonderful body cream that is supposed to tighten skin (on your bum! They pronounce it "boom boom" in Brazil, btw).  I don't know about that but I have used it all over because I adore the scent!  Pistachio, almond, vanilla, salted caramel.  I mean, it smells so good, you'll want to eat it.  Don't, though.  Put it on your booty instead!  And your arms, your legs, everywhere.  I took mine to the beach in September.  LOVE!

99% Mermaid Shea Butter Hand Cream from Bath and Body Works.  I picked up a tube the last time I was in there and I absolutely love it.  

Unfortunately, they're all about Christmas right now so you might not be able to find it in the stores anymore.  

Sunlit Apple Blossom scent.  It's like buttah.

I'm really loving the Olay Whipped Body Wash, too!  It makes bathing really easy when you're having to sit astraddle the tub with one foot in and one foot out.  I know, you could have gone all day without that visual.  Larry helped me with all that at first but now I can do it by myself.  Yay for progress!

We had to let our housekeeper go just before I had surgery, which caused all kinds of stress for me.  If you know me, you know I keep a clean house.  I didn't want all that extra work put on Larry and what terrible ti
ming to have to do it now.  But she took money from me for work she didn't do and I can't abide that.  I use the Nextdoor app to stay in touch with our neighbors and the goings on in our neighborhood and I was able to find a lady to replace her!  She came over yesterday and met us and she'll clean for us tomorrow while we're gone to Columbus to the doctor to get these blankety-blank stitches out.  She only charges a dollar more an hour, too.  AND she brings her own lavender-scented cleaning supplies. My favorite scent. Thank you, Lord, for all of your blessings!!

I've been doing some Christmas shopping online, too.  QVC is my Santa! 

Friday, November 16, 2018


Today is ten days since my ankle surgery.  Except for the horrible burning nerve pain that I'm still feeling, my foot really feels no different than before.  The pain at night is so bad that I can't sleep and only muscle relaxers knock me out.  My doctor in Columbus told me going in that there were no guarantees but I still had to try.  I had to TRY. 

During the procedure, he discovered the cause for my nerve pain.  Two layers of scar tissue was crushing it so he clamped the nerve out of the way while he scraped the scar tissue off and he also repaired the two torn ligaments and reattached a severed tendon (that we didn't know about) with anchors, sewed me up and then a couple of male nurses picked me up and body slammed me to the floor.

The first four days after my surgery were pure hell.  I had this unbearable muscle pain in my stomach, neck and shoulders from the anesthesia.  All I did was cry.  I took just about all of my Percocet but they didn't even help.  It was misery.  I couldn't move.  Mama and Daddy came to stay with us the Monday before my surgery and I don't know what I would have done without them and Larry taking such good care of me.  Larry helped me with my baths and Mama cooked and cleaned and did laundry and helped us take care of our boys.  Banjo loved going outside with Paw Paw!  

This is me before my surgery.  All fresh-faced and full of hope.  

This is me after.  Coming off of Propofol and ready to fight.

Ain't that the stuff that killed Michael Jackson??!!

The boys have kept me company and Kizzi is starting to find his place in our family.  And in our Christmas tree!  Tabbie Hoffman never touched a tree.  Kizzi has been up close and personal six times.  He's so much different from Tabbie.  Tabbie Hoffman is laidback and cool, just like his namesake.  Kizzi is a hurricane.  Climbing and biting and scratching and tearing up the place.  I feel like somebody just put him out in the country where Larry found him.  They couldn't deal with his bad little self.  He just needs to learn the rules.  Mama will teach him.

He better be glad he's so dang cute.

The boys and I have been binge watching "Game of Thrones", too.  Larry watched it earlier this year but I didn't so now I'm watching.  I'm getting hooked!  I want to freakin' kill that Joffrey punk, though.  Or at least take a good old-fashioned switch to him.  He's what??  13??  I'd beat his ass.

I go back to the doctor Monday to get the stitches taken out and I guess they'll put me in a boot of some sort.  It is extremely hard to be non-weightbearing for two weeks and I've done the best I could.  I was using a walker at first but I got my knee scooter yesterday so I'm more mobile and can get around the house.  It feels SO GOOD to be out of bed and in my kitchen again.  

Dear readers, please pray for healing for me.  Pray this nerve will calm down and I'll have a normal life again.  

Saturday, November 3, 2018


We welcomed a new member into our family yesterday!  

Larry found this sweet baby at a job site.  All alone, starving and scared to death.  He sent me a pic and then called me.  I said, "bring that baby home!"

After stopping to get the little feller something to eat (which he devoured!), that's exactly what Larry did.  We gave him a flea bath and then made him comfy in the garage last night but today, we moved him to one of our bathrooms to acclimate.

We named him Kismet Rain Schneider.  It was a rainy day when Larry found him and kismet that he found Larry.  

We're head over heels already!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Life right now

So here we are, in the middle of October already.

So much is going on around here!!  We did make it to the beach late last month for four absolutely glorious days to celebrate our 30th "gotcha" anniversary.  Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago that I met Larry and started that long journey with him, sometimes it feels like it was just ten or so years ago and then sometimes it feels like that life never happened.  But it did.  And we have the memories (and the ongoing nightmares!) to prove it.  God has blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined and we are so grateful for every single blessing.  Every. One.

We go Monday to my foot doctor over in Columbus to discuss surgery on my left ankle.  I'm finally having complete ankle reconstruction, ligament reconstruction and he's going to see what can be done with my sural sensory nerve, the one that's causing me so much pain.  I've have horrible nerve pain in my foot since December 2016 and once I got to the Hughston Clinic, they got to the bottom of it.  They did a nerve study in August and discovered that my sural nerve was not responsive.  It's either severed or trapped.  My foot feels like it's on fire ALL THE TIME.  When we were at the beach, I could not tell if my foot was getting too much sun because it feels sunburned all the time so I made sure to keep it covered in sunblock and sand.  No sunburns on my foot or anywhere else either!  That spray sunblock really works!  So, anyway, I'll have surgery on my foot, finally, after six long painful years, and hopefully, I can get back to some sort of normal life.  We postponed our mountain trip until spring, so I can HIKE!

Hurricane Michael came through here this week via the Florida Panhandle and we got a night of crazy wind and much needed rain.  We never lost power and I sat up until 4:00 am watching our beloved weather guy in Macon do his thang and keep us all safe.  The yard and porches were a mess but thankfully, I was off the next day to get everything all tidied up.

One of our little wild outside kitties that we feed (Fiona, who is no more than six months old!) gave birth to a stillborn baby and left it on the porch right where I would find it, under the bench on the rug that I put out there for them to nap on.  Poor little thing.  No bigger than a mouse.  Broke my heart.  Larry buried him today out in a flower bed.  And made a cross for him with his name, Mike, since he was born during the hurricane.  Nature is so sad sometimes.

We went to see "A Star Is Born" Monday and LOVEDED it!!!  What an amazing movie.  If you haven't seen it, GO!  Take tissue.  Like a whole box.  Seriously, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were phenomenal in this movie.  Their acting, their musical performances, they even wrote most of the songs themselves.  I didn't even know BC could sing.  He sho' can.  

We're looking forward to the end of the year, the holidays, my recovery and that blue wave that's coming next month!  Lord, hear our prayer.  

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Pack rat or hoarder? You make the call.

I admit it, openly and with some shame.  I am a beauty hoarder.  So today, I set out to clear some space and just share my stash with somebody else.  I hope the girls at work want this stuff!

I subscribe to two beauty boxes each month, Birchbox and Ipsy.  Every month, for $10, they send me five beauty samples.  Makeup, skin care, hair care, fragrance.  And I LOVE IT!!  I love getting those packages in the mail.  I look forward to getting those packages in the mail.  

But ten samples every month tend to pile up!  I can't use them all.  Last month, I gave a bag of them to the girl who cleans our house but still, they are stressing me out.  Seriously.  Stress.  Because really, I don't just hoard beauty products.  I hoard vintage sheets, towels (we have 59 towels in this house!  For just two people.  Good grief.), just things we've picked up here and there at estate sales.  I have drawers in a dresser that I'm filling and there are boxes and boxes of stuff in the attic with things to sell in my booth at an antique store here in town but that's another blog post.  Later.  

But today!  Today I cleaned out the beauty stuff!  I am so proud of myself.  I feel so freeeeee!  

This is before.  Very sad and stressful.  I hated to even open this drawer.

And this is after!  I only kept the things I USE.  I had 19 bottles of nail polish.  I kept my five favorite colors.  That's it.  

There are bags and bags of things that I'll just give away.  

I am inspired to tackle every drawer and cabinet in this house!  Woo hoooo!!

Wow. September.

This summer has just flown by!  With Larry's three eye surgeries and our trips to a new foot doctor and a new dentist (because I need six new crowns of course I do), we have had a crazy couple of months.  

Last month, I was moved to another office at work to be the admin for one of our flights and I bought a new Jeep!  Well, a new-to-me Jeep.  Turns out I had some retirement left unclaimed at Citigroup so I hurriedly claimed it and bought a right-off-the-lease Jeep.  It's my very first ever SUV and I love it!  It's also the first ever car I was able to pay cash for.  That was a great feeling!  It's white and I named her Pearl.  

Gardening this summer was a flop.  It's September 1st and we just now today ate an atomic grape tomato.  A tomato.  One.  There are a couple more on the vine but the peppers didn't do a thing and the sunflowers kinda disappointed me, too.  I pulled up the last of them today.  Oh well, there's always next year!

We'll be beach bums toward the end of the month and I am so looking forward to that.  And then a trip to the mountains in November.  

And then Christmas!  Good Lord, time, slow down.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Monkey Farts??

You know those ads that pop up in your social media feeds?  Well, this one popped up in my Instagram feed.

They had me at whipped soap.  I’m such a sucker for soaps and shampoos, really any kind of beauty stuff.  I get an Ipsy bag and a Birchbox every month.  I get so excited when I see them in the mailbox!

This whipped soap, by Glory Cloud USA and called Monkey Farts, grabbed my attention, not just because I’m a sucker for soap but because it’s whipped!  And Monkey Farts??!  I had to try it.

So I ordered it and it came in a few days.  The jar was smaller than I expected (4 oz) but it was slap full of soap! It says facial soap on the label but you can use it for anything.  You only need a little bit and it lathers and lathers!!  And the scent is just heavenly!!  Exactly what you would expect a monkey fart to smell like...ripe bananas, juicy pineapple, sweet apples and creamy vanilla. Okay, well, in this alternate soap beauty world maybe.  Ha! 

I’ve used it for four days, just on my face, and I absolutely love it.  It leaves my face so soft and clean and smelling fruity!