Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mentha, I think I love you

I was off this afternoon and I went to Bath and Body Works to start on my spree that Mama and Ami gave me for my birthday.  They are having their semi-annual sale right now and lots of stuff is 50% and 75% off!  I got a lot of stuff!!  And I only used one of my gift cards.  I am SET for summer!  I can save the other card for fall!!

My friend and fellow South Beacher, Kim, has been talking about the Mentha body wash at BBW and she made me want to try it.  I got me some today.  I love anything minty and this stuff is AWESOME!!  It has almost 2% pure peppermint oil in it and it smells incredible but the best part is how it cools your skin and leaves you all tingly.  It is the PERFECT summer body wash!

It would also be perfect to take to the beach.  Can you just imagine spending the day at the beach and being all hot and sandy and tired and ill and cranky (oh, is that just me?) and going back to your room to a soap that not only cleans your skin, cools you off, sings to you and buys you dinner but also sends shivers right down your spine??  I'll definitely be taking this stuff with me on my next beach trip!

But until then, showers after walking from my car to my house in this 100+ degree heat will have to do.  I'll get by somehow.  :)

Thanks, Kim, for the tip!!

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  1. yay!!! so glad you loved it! I don't get to the beach too often unless I'm taking an actual vacay, but it sounds like a wonderful idea to have it with you!!! good thinking!!! =)