Monday, June 20, 2011

Pizza, South Beach style!

I used my new pizza stone tonight and made a healthy, whole wheat pizza.  It was soooooo gooooooood!!

 This is what I used.  

I brushed olive oil onto a store-bought crust, added baby spinach, mozzarella (shredded and sliced), tomatoes courtesy of my sweet friend, Sabrina and her precious little Ellie who brought them to me today, fresh sliced mushrooms, feta cheese and fresh basil from my little plant on my laundry room windowsill. 

 This is it just as it went into the oven.

Fifteen minutes at 400 degrees later 
and it came out looking like this!
Slap yo' grandma.


  1. YuM YuM!! That pizza stone really works!!
    Know you enjoyed that one!
    GOOD job!

  2. that looks wunderful. I am glad you made this and enjoyed it. love you.

  3. oh how I wish I could do feta. save for that part of the equation, the pizza looks and sounds divine! mmmmm....