Friday, May 20, 2011

Captain Jack is back!

I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie today after work. Even though it's opening day, I was still surprised to find the theater packed at 5:30! It's already surpassed POTC #3 by 50% and it's only been showing since midnight. 

I really loved it. I really love me some Captain Jack Sparrow, though, so just to watch him for two hours is entertainment enough for me. 


The story was pretty cool this time.  The mermaids were my favorite part!
They were soooooo beautiful!!  I have a feeling that mermaids are really gonna take off in the next year or so.  We have done vampires to DEATH (ha!) and I think mermaids are gonna be the next big thing.  Larry and I even have a mermaid love story we've been kicking around.  Who knows?  I love mermaids, too, really any sea creature.  There's lots of potential there!  

The whole plot of the movie was around finding the Fountain of Youth.  The Spaniards were superfine, too!!  Just beauty, beauty, beauty for the whole two hours. Unless you count the swabbies on the ship!

When I was little, Mama and Daddy took me and Ricky to St. Augustine, Florida, on one of our many summer trips to Florida's beaches, and we went to the Fountain of Youth.  I remember walking down into that cool, damp cave and drinking right from the spring.  We even brought little bottles of it home with us.

Now that I'm almost 44, I sho' wish I had one of those little bottles.  :)

Go see Captain Jack this weekend if you can.  Savvy?

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