Friday, May 12, 2017

Kevin update!

We got our first letter from Kevin today!  He's only four so the letter was written by his daddy, his papa, but it gave us a little view into his life and what he likes.  

He said:

My name is Kevin Alejandro Resendiz Rios.  I am 4 years old.  I have one sister named Danna Sherlyn.  I really like toys that have lights and make noises.  I really like going out for a walk.  I like to play in the water and I particularly like petting animals, such as chickens and dogs.

See you soon!

And he drew and colored his little hand!  We were so excited to get it!!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Yard pretties!

Things are just bustin' out all over in our yard!  We've had a bit of a cool snap this weekend and Larry and I worked outside all day today, he, cleaning out the backyard shed and me, planting flowers and cleaning flower beds.

Here's what's growing around here! 

This is a little arrangement of begonias, petunias and ivy that I did by the front door.

 Day lilies blooming in the front yard

 The roses by the mailbox have really loved all the rain we've gotten lately!

I repotted my poor pot-bound aloe vera plant today.  It's much happier now!

My little garden is coming along, too.  I've had to put stakes in for the tomatoes already!

To me, this is definitely a yard pretty!  Vintage sheets that we picked up at an estate sale yesterday drying in the sunshine.

And this one.  This one is the prettiest yard pretty we have!  He LOVES being outside and would just stay out there if we'd let him.  Unless, of course, he hears neighbors talking or an airplane flying over.  He's such a joy.  Banjo, too.  We have quite a happy life, the four of us.

We had some thrasher eggs in a nest in one of our ferns and the other night before the weather got bad, Larry secured the fern's hook with wire so that the wind wouldn't blow it down.  We thought they'd be okay but the clips broke instead and the pot still fell and the eggs bounced out.  They'd been in the nest for eight days but were still nothing but yolk so they more than likely would not have hatched anyway.  We were both very sad but have hope that a mama bird will try again this spring and we'll have some babies.  I've been feeding them premium seed and suet with mealworms all year to try to help the mamas have healthy babies.  Spring is still early and I still hope!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Larry's been working on refinishing the cutest little antique chest-of-drawers and we finally moved it into the house today!

It's solid wood, with six tiny drawers at the top and then the three large drawers.  Since we have replaced all of the drawer and cabinet knobs in the entire house with different ones (no two are alike!), he used our old kitchen knobs for this chest.  He stained it with dark walnut stain and it's just perfect!

Here's how it looked all sanded down:

 And here's how it looks today!

I found this little handmade yo-yo quilt runner somewhere along the Peaches to the Beaches route last month, I put it on the top and I think it looks beautiful there.

And someday when someone buys it at our estate sale, they'll find this written on the back.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day and a birthday!

I left Larry at home today on Earth Day cutting grass and replacing more of the fence and finishing up a chest-of-drawers that he's been working on and I spent some of the day down home in Montezuma for our Katie's third birthday party.  Katie loves Minnie Mouse so a Minnie party it was, complete with cake, cupcakes and pizza!  She got Minnie clothes and toys and Larry and I gave her a Minnie Mouse sofa!  She was so cute opening her stuff.  

I just love this picture of her when she saw Minnie on that little sofa.

Here she is tooting her birthday horn!

Clumsy me, I busted my camera while I was there today.  The strap came loose and I dropped my camera on the concrete step.  10 seconds earlier and it would have landed on the soft dirt and been all right.

Owwee.  Hopefully we can get it fixed.  I finished the birthday party taking pictures with it and they all turned out good so it still works, you just can't see the picture.  I probably won't forget hearing that craaaaackkk any time soon.  It sounded like my ankle felt when I broke it.  Owwee.

I came home and finally got my little garden planted.  I decided to try container gardening this year so I planted my 'maters and peppers in a pot and I planted zinnias in the middle.  In two other pots, I planted my lavender, sage and rosemary.

I still have flower seeds to plant --- wildflowers, zinnias, marigolds and mums and I even got a pack of catnip to plant in a pot for Tabbie Hoffman.

Maybe tomorrow... 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Kevin update!

We got a new photo of Kevin, the little boy we are sponsoring in Mexico.  He'll be 5 in September and he is just so adorable!

We sent him a sticker book with stickers and a card game.  We're very limited as to what we can send.  It has to fit in a 6x9 envelope but I packed that envelope until it was near busting!  We can send pretty much whatever will fit in that envelope and we happened to find about a hundred of them super cheap at an estate sale recently.  No doubt that was a God thing!

I just think he's beautiful and he's got my heart already.  I wanna go get him.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Farmers market time!

Even though most of the farmers markets around here are open year-round, we usually only go in the spring and summer.  Larry stopped at the one here in town a few weeks ago and got the most delicious focaccia bread!  I went today to get some more!  OMG, y'all.  Focaccia bread is an Italian flat bread made with oils and herbs and these folks at our farmers market have it down.  They sell other types of bread, too, but this one.  This. One.  I wish I could mail you all a loaf of it.  But if you're local??  The market is open every Thursday from 1:00 until about sundown.  I didn't get their name but their stand is all the way down on the right.  

It looks like a pizza!  They bake it with eggplant, artichokes and tomatoes.  It is so good.  It's completely organic with no preservatives so you have to eat it fast.  Something we have NO problem with. 

I got some red potatoes to roast and go with our crockpot meatballs (like a good little Southern Baptist girl, I'm making them with BBQ sauce and grape jelly!) for supper tonight.  And we having focaccia bread!  Yay!!

We are also having this cream cheese pound cake.  What??  This loaf was $8 and it's also made with no preservatives and all organic ingredients.

The other day, Brian liked a candle company on Facebook and I saw it and wanted to try one.  I ordered the lemongrass and it came today!  I loved the name, Happy Hippbee, and I loved that they use pure beeswax and hemp that have no toxins or burn off any black soot.  I really cannot stand black soot on candles.  It's ugly for one thing, it's messy and black soot mixed with paraffin waxes may even contain carcinogens, i.e., cancer-causing stuff!  Just ugly all the way around.

I love this little candle!  It's super cute, it comes in a BPA-free jar and it smells delicious!  And it helps the bees! 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Goodness, what a February!

We have surely had a FULL February!!  Our friend, Stephanie, came to visit the first part of the month.  We so loved having her here again!  We enjoyed her company, her cooking, her talent, and Banjo and Tabbie Hoffman enjoyed having her here during the day and snuggling with her at night.  In fact, Banjo started sleeping in the guest bed after she left because he missed her.  Awww!  

We celebrated Ami's birthday at Olive Garden here in town on the 4th and it was so great to have everybody together.  We had a blast!  

My baby sister is 40.  So incredibly hard to believe.  Life is so short, getting shorter every day, so we need to make the most of every day.  Love on the ones you love today because tomorrow is not promised.

I took a couple of days off work to show Steph around a bit.  We went to the Museum of Aviation, Wilson's Bakery and thrifting one day.  I was checking out at the thrift store and all of a sudden, I heard this beautiful music playing!  I looked around and saw Steph sitting at a piano, just playing away.  Stephanie is a musician, after all, and has her own band, so naturally if there's a piano nearby, she's gonna play it!  It was such a treat.  She had the whole store in awe.  We went to a couple of really good estate sales on another day and there was a piano in one of the houses.  Sure enough, Stephanie played!  One of the estate sale employees did a video of her playing and she said she was going to show it to the lady of the house, who is now in a nursing home.  She told us she'd be happy to know that somebody was playing her piano.

I love this picture I took of Stephanie at an estate sale down in Perry that Friday.  I bought this plastic flamingo and when Stephanie left here, she flew to Cancun, Mexico to bird watch the flamingos!  We joked that this was her first flamingo sighting on her trip.  Ha! 

We took her back to Atlanta on the 12th, to a hotel, since her flight to Mexico was really, really early on the 13th.  We stopped in Juliette and had lunch at the Whistle Stop Cafe (fried green tomatoes, of course!).  Steph and I had the Bennett's BBQ sandwich and I declare, that doggone Frank Bennett is still delicious after all these years!

We walked McCrackin Street, browsing in the little gift shops and I swear, once, we caught a glimpse of the bee charmer.  I'm sure of it.  It may sound silly, but every time I'm there, I can feel the spirits of Idgie and Ruth.  I just love that story so much!

After we'd found some vintage goodies and sampled some fudge, we left Juliette and headed north to High Falls State Park.  It was a beautiful day to climb some rocks and put our feet in the freezing cold water.  Well, maybe it was just me doing the feet thing.  Larry and Stephanie climbed the rocks.  :)

Stephanie and I took this selfie in the car on the way to Atlanta.  It pretty much summed up how we were feeling.  It's never goodbye though, just see ya later! We're already looking forward to having her come see us again.

Larry's and my 18th wedding anniversary was the 13th and we'd already opened our presents to each other AND our Valentines.  We're awful.  We do that at birthdays and Christmas, too.  We just can't wait.

Larry got me (us) a Google Home and we have had the best time with that thing!

We play music and make shopping lists and play trivia and get her to tell us jokes and sing songs to us and we get the weather forecast every day before we go out.  It's awesome.  I'm trying to get "her" to say "I love you" and her responses to me telling her I love her (and I do it every day!) are getting more and more friendly.  She was saying things like "you're not so bad yourself" and now she says things like "I love helping you, even more than I love searching."  

She's playing hard to get.

Larry has always gotten me traditional anniversary gifts and for the 18th, you're supposed to give porcelain.  He found this beautiful girl for me at an estate sale.  Isn't she so elegant??

He also gave me this BLUE Fire-King relish dish!  The blue is kinda rare and I'd never seen one in the wild (only online, eBay and various Pyrex/Fire-King groups) and I was tickled to get it!!  I have a couple of the white ones and a couple of deviled eggs trays to match but I didn't have a bluuuuuue!

We've just celebrated all month.  Our anniversary, Valentine's Day and Larry's birthday, which was Friday.  I got a new piece of Pink Daisy Pyrex and a pretty blue Fenton hobnail vase, too, and I gave him a remote control drone with an HD camera so that he can take aerial photos!  I also got him the last two ghost division Army patches that he needed to complete that set and some new clothes to run in.  He gets up every morning now and runs for an hour and a half.  Bless it.  

We went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant on our anniversary and Larry had set it up for the waiter to bring me a rose and card during our dinner.  Soooooo dang sweet!!

Yesterday, we went to Massee Lane Gardens down in Fort Valley to continue our birthday celebration.  It was such a gorgeous day with even more gorgeous blooms!  We spent almost two hours walking and taking pictures and smelling the flowers.  Well, maybe that was just me smelling the flowers.

And when we got home, we found that one of the little tulip bulbs that I bought at Christmas and planted on MLK Day last month had bloomed while we were gone!  I've never grown tulips before and I am so happy to have this little one.

Monday, February 6, 2017


Look at this little face!!  Just look at it.  This is Kevin and he's our sponsor child.  When we saw Big Daddy Weave in concert last week (it was fabulous, by the way!), Mike Weaver (lead vocals) talked to us a little bit about the World Vision ministry and he showed us a video of their time in other countries, just sharing Jesus with the folks and having fun.  As soon as he started talking about sponsoring a child, I felt the Lord was telling me to get one.  They started passing out packages with children's names, pictures and a little bit about their lives and I asked Larry to grab one.

Larry took one and handed it to me and I immediately started squalling when I saw this little face and that he is in Mexico.  He's only four.  

I am really, really struggling with this ridiculous Mexico border wall talk.  I don't want a wall.  We don't need a wall.  Not stereotyping them AT ALL but all the Mexican people I've ever known are the hardest working people.  They work much harder than us lazy Americans, that's for sure.  Personally, though, in the shape our country is in now, I don't understand why anybody would WANT to come here.  I think Trump is a careless idiot, an embarrassment and just generally a really bad person.  Our country will suffer if he's allowed to continue his "reign".   

Anyway, as soon as I saw Kevin's little face, I just fell in love with him.  We signed up and now he's ours!  We got a little packet in the mail today that has all of his information about his family and how he's growing up.  I have this dream to follow him all of his life and meet him someday!  I'm going to send him gifts and letters along the way and make a difference in his little life.  

And if that stupid wall goes up, Kevin and I are going to tear it down!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

A place for the babies...

Larry found a vintage baby crib at an estate sale yesterday for FREE!  He brought it home thinking we'd fix it up and sell it to an antique store to hold dolls or something but once I saw it, I wanted it to hold MY dolls!

So we sold the little twin bed in the guest room and rearranged the furniture in there to make room for it in the corner. 

I put all my dolls in there today and it all just looks so cute!!

Babies from my childhood, babies from my teenage years and a few babies I've picked up as an adult.  All together in one place.  They look so cozy! 

The bunny decal on the side is so sweet.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Valentine Tea Cart Time!

I put together a little Valentine tea cart tonight and I think it turned out just LOVEly!

I just love the pink pom pom trim!! 

Larry put a little book in my stocking at Christmas called What I Love About Us and inside, he filled in the blanks.  I thought it was just perfect for the tea cart.  Some of his answers were funny...

And some were oh, so sweet.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The love of thousands...

I got my AncestryDNA results back today!  Since the process began on December 17th, it only took a month to get my results.  I was a little surprised that my ancestry is a mix of a lot of different folks.  

This was the breakdown, in percentages:

79% Great Britain
10% Scandinavia
  3% Iberian Peninsula (Spain)
  4% Europe (East: Germany, France, Switzerland, West: Poland, Ukraine)
  2% Finland/Russia
  1% Ireland
  1% South Asia (India, Pakistan)

This is how they did it!  When they calculate your estimate for each ethnicity region, they run forty separate analyses. Each of the forty analyses gives another estimate of your ethnicity, and each one is done with randomly selected portions of your DNA (that was a LOT of spit!).

They use forty analyses because ethnicity estimation can be variable from comparison to comparison — different combinations of DNA gives them different information, so doing multiple analyses can give them a more accurate estimate, as well as the likely range.

This is the map they sent me.  This is me right here!  :)

As part of my results, they matched me with 1,148 people who are my fourth and better cousins.  I've started a family tree (for the Halls, Clarks, Schneiders and Webbs) and that's gonna be my hobby over the next few months.  I'm really excited to see what I can find out about my folks and meet my new cousins!

This was a lot of fun!  If anybody out there wants to do it, too, or has done it, I'd love to hear from you!  You can buy the kit directly from and it's $99.  It was a Christmas gift from Larry for me but I think it's well worth it, especially if you don't KNOW for sure.  I've always been told we came from England (and we do) but I had no idea we came from all these other areas, too.  India??  Spain??  Those two surprised me the most.

I found this little ancestry quote online and I just loved it:

Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me
"Be still", they say. 
"Watch and listen."
You are the result
Of the love of thousands.