Monday, September 26, 2011

Groovy fall decorations!

Even though it was still 90 degrees today, I got up in the attic and got my fall stuff down and put it out.  Maybe if I get my house ready for fall, it'll come on.  Whatcha think??

 Here's my mantel, pretty much like last year.
'Cept where did that bear come from?

 Closeup of my centerpiece that I'm STILL proud of!

I just LOVE these pumpkins I got at Hobby Lobby last year!
And there's that bear again...

My foyer table

Cute little punkin' I got for my dining room table today at Hobby Lobby and that same yummy pumpkin caramelly candle I had last year.
AND the Peace Bear...

 Another cutie punkin' I got today at HL
to go in my beachy bathroom.
And Peace, trying to hide.
We SEE you.

When this little thingy goes on the door,
it's fall, y'all!!

Happy Fall from me and Peace!


  1. That is so cute and maybe Fall will see that and be encouraged to come on down. Love you

  2. That bear is too funny! I'm so glad fall is here. :-)