Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aldi run!

 Look at all this stuff I got at Aldi today for $40!!

Have I mentioned how much I loooooooove Aldi??  I love Aldi so much that if I wasn't already married, I would marry Aldi.

I cannot talk enough about the quality of the stuff there.  And I don't know WHAT they do to their milk but it stays fresh a lonnnnnnnnnng time.  I left a little bit in the jug in my refrigerator as an experiment, just to see how long it would last and when I finally drank it, it was a MONTH past its expiration date and it still tasted fresh and delicious.

I noticed when I was getting my eggs that they have put a pad under the door so that little toesies won't get cut.  Now ALL is well in my little Aldi world.
Their produce is so fresh, too.
I thought these peppers were gorgeous!
THREE for $1.49!!!

I never carry cash, NEVER have a dang quarter for the buggy so I've started keeping an "Aldi quarter" in my car.  :)

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