Friday, September 16, 2011

Monster take over!

We got a shipment of toys today for the office.  Halloween toys.  Monsters!! 

Here they are all lined up on my desk.  They told me they would be sweet and nobody would get scared if I put them on my blog.  I was happy to oblige!  LOOK at how cute they are.  They wouldn't scare anybody if they all yelled, "Boo!" at the same time.  Amateurs.

This little dude I swiped for myself.  He's gonna sit up there with me with Booty The Butt Paste Bobblehead and Sunny Smiley, Pinky's brother.  Pinky went home with a crying child one day and Sunny was happy to take her place.  Sunny is happy all the time, though.  Anyway, I thought this little vamp was THE cutest thing EVAH and I just love him.  His name is Vampire Bill.  :)  He has the Compton eyes, don't you think?

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