Sunday, September 4, 2011

This weekend

I framed and hung this awesome picture of Maw and her mama Emily, daddy Elijah and brothers, John, Harry and J. E. in my hallway.  How cool is Uncle J. E. sitting there holding a 'coon just like it was their pet dog or something??  Best. Picture. Ever.

 I enjoyed these beautiful pink daisies that I took from Maw's grave. 
She told me it was okay.

 I got to see my thirsty grass and flowers and 
'mater babies outside get a good drink of water.

And this is where I pretty much camped out all of today.
When two people love each other as much as Larry and I do, 
you kinda want to share everything.  
So he shared his bad cold with me.  :)


  1. I love the picture and write-up except about ya'll sharing a bad cold. Hope you feel better. love you

  2. How come u got rain!!!!!!! Ours isn't here yet....
    LUV the pic....sad to hear about cold...don't let it wear u out!!
    Take care.... LUV ya