Sunday, September 25, 2011

First weekend of fall

Well, it certainly doesn't feel much like fall this weekend but the calendar says it's official so I'm going with that.  The high today is 91 degrees.  I'm going to enjoy the last warm days of summer/early fall in Georgia because I hate, hate, hate being cold.  

Larry and I celebrate a milestone this weekend and we didn't even get to be together!  Everybody say, "Awwwwww!"  He's working this weekend.  He's the agape leader for Kairos and they're doing a walk at Central this weekend.  I am so proud of him and his commitment to Kairos and his role in telling others about Jesus that I don't whine much when a weekend like this comes up.  I just worry that it's too much, that he's not appreciated like he should be.  Heck, if they paid him $100,000 to do it, it wouldn't be enough for me.

Our milestone is 23 years since we met!  September 25, 1988.  A Sunday.  This is what we looked like back then!  I just barely remember being that young.  I think I look better NOW at 44 than I did at 21.  He looks the same.  Fine as muscadine wine in the summertime.  ;)

So I've been hangin' at home this weekend, resting my foot.  It feels a lot better today!  Wanna see?  Okay, well, maybe it doesn't LOOK any better but it does feel better.  I think that stuff I got reduced the swelling some.  Plus, I've had it propped up most of the weekend, too, and I'm sure that has helped. 

I worked a little while yesterday morning and then I went and saw the movie, Straw Dogs.  I loved it.  An hour into the movie, I was cheering for the bad guys because the two "victims" were just stupid.  The girl was a brazen hussy, plain and simple, and the guy, smart and sweet and peace-loving as he was, just got involved too much.  Yeah, I'll say it.  They pretty much asked for it.  The main bad guy was my Eric.  He can do no wrong in my eyes anyway.  :)  It's a great movie.  Had me on the edge of my seat the entire two hours and left me with my mouth hangin' open at the end.

I slept late this morning and then I got up and cooked!

Beef tips, rice and gravy

 Homemade mac and cheese

 Peach cobbler

 Here's some cobbler next to the peach ice cream 
that Daddy made for me earlier in the summer.  

I guess it's not really goodbye, summer.  More like so long.  Farewell.  It'll be warm here until November and be hot again in March! 

I love Georgia. The Lord knew exactly where to put me.


  1. Awwww u was sooo cute in '88! Do think you look great @ 44, too.
    Happy weekend to u & Larry.
    *the food looks deeeelish--wish I could be there for samplin* haha
    Take care of that foot....
    LUV ya bunches, girl

  2. That is a good picture of you two. You are just as young and pretty now as you were then.That food looks so yummy. Take care of the foot. It does look better but still got a way to go. Glad you have some peach icecream left to enjoy. Love you.