Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Take rest.  A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.  ~Ovid

With our national unemployment rate still over 9%, I thought a lot today about what Labor Day must mean for those 14 million people.  If they were able to afford hamburger, I'm sure they grilled out just like we're supposed to.  More than likely, though, they probably spent hours on the internet looking for jobs, applying for jobs that they'll never hear anything from.  I know what it's like to lose a job, to be laid off from a job you've had for many years, a job that you thought you'd retire from one day.  I was fortunate enough to find something else pretty quick and since that bump in my life's journey led me to some pretty awesome people and an opportunity to go back to school, I'm not the least bit upset about it anymore.  Much.  :)  I still think the powers that be at Citigroup are greedy hogs.  Since they opened their $850 million Citi Field in New York the same year they laid me and 50,000 other employees off, it's clear where their priorities were.  Not with their employees, that's for sure.  And like Larry says, who on earth would attend a Mets game, see the Citi Field sign and say, "oh, I think I'll borrow money from them now!"??  Nobody.

So Labor Day for a lot of Americans this year was just another day of trying to survive.  I prayed for them today.  My brother is included in that 14 million figure.  He's been out of work over a year and I just pray that he'll find something.  Anything.

I spent today on the sofa again, trying to get over my cold.  I feel much better now.  Another day of rest was exactly what I needed. 

Rest so you can be bountiful.  I like that. 

Hope everybody had a safe and happy Labor Day!

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