Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hottest day

So, yeah, they're saying today is the hottest day of the summer so far. 

Our Sonya Stevens from Channel 13, talkin' all kinds of crazy

I spent a good bit of this hottest day out there in it this afternoon.  I pruned some trees in my front yard that were just overgrown to the point that I could not stand them anymore.  This is how they look now.  I didn't take a before picture.  

 My eucalyptus tree was laying on TOP of the roof

 And this branch slapped me in the face 
every time I walked out to my car.
That mess was getting old.

Here it all is, piled up and compost-y!!

 So then I washed my car 
(at the car wash, I ain't that crazy)

And I watered my backyard Uncle J. B., who finally came up but is looking 
a little wild-eyed and crazy to me.  They usually don't spread out like that.  Hmmmm.  Mama??  (Loki the garden gnome says, "Move along, there's nothing to see here. No wild-eyed foolishness whatsoever.")

And then I watered my bewuved 'mater babies, 
filled the bird bath up with cold water and swept the driveway.

Whew!!  That Mentha body wash ain't nevah felt so good!!!  And now I'm about to watch a movie on Lifetime in my COLD house and chill.  Literally.  Y'all stay cool out there!!  Check on your elderly neighbors!!

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