Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm loving on day three of my summer staycation!

I'm loving stickin' it to the man by drying my laundry on my clothesline!
It's a little overcast but hey, we got all day, right?

 I'm loving how big my baby peppers are getting!
They're not babies anymore.  Sniff.

I'm loving how big my biggest 'mater baby is!
(He don't know that I'm 'bout to pick him, 
batter and fry him just like he is, hee hee)

And I'm loving this amazing, awesome book that I'm reading!
I can't even put it down, see??

It's about these two little girls, 16 and 13, whose parents die in a plane crash and they are separated, the older one going to live with her real dad and stepmom and the younger one, to her hippie aunt out in San Francisco.  It makes me miss my sister and she's just right up the road. :(

Oh, and I'm pretty sure this book will become a movie.  It is THAT good.  

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  1. Daddy said you are a good little backyard farmer. The crop look very tempting, so enjoy the green tomato and the peppers. As for the book looks interesting . alove u