Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scavenger hunt!

If we're friends on Facebook, you've probably noticed I've taken a few pictures this weekend.  Brian and Ami started a group on Facebook, Macon County Georgia Photo Walk, and they've done several walks around our hometown and the surrounding area and have taken many beautiful pictures!

This month, the group is doing a Scavenger Hunt and I'm participating!  I have had so much fun with the list this weekend!!  I've gotten 16 out of the 25 already and I didn't have to do very much at all to get these pictures.  My weekend took me to church this morning, to Macon yesterday and today and then Byron on my way home.  I just ran into most of the things on the list!  And it is SO HOT that I took some of the pictures inside my house in the AC.  Ha!

Here's the list of things we have to capture:
  1. Self portrait 
  2. Animal 
  3. Horizontal lines
  4. Reflection
  5. Grave of a person dead over 100 years
  6. A Flag (or Flags)
  7. Something with patina
  8. A red door
  9. A store receipt over $10
  10. A blow up kiddie pool
  11. Fireworks
  12. Family events
  13. Dead End street sign
  14. Fallen tree
  15. Food
  16. Object in motion
  17. Childhood toy
  18. Collection or Grouping of similar or related items
  19. Green (open to interpretation)
  20. Decay (open to interpretation)
  21. Sunset
  22. An out-of-state license plate
  23. Pattern
  24. Warning
  25. Something Vintage 
Here are a few pics I took this weekend!

 A fallen tree across the creek out by the 
old Byron Pop Festival site

 Two generations of vintage, Larry's old Army helmet 
and his daddy's Army footlocker

Something green, my baby banana peppers growing in the backyard

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  1. You doin good, girl....Keep 'em comin!!
    Like the vintage choice...