Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Uncle J. B.

When my Great Uncle J. B. died several years ago, Mama dug up some of his beloved amaryllis flowers and brought them home with her so a part of him would live on.  She's had such gorgeous blooms over the years and we always call the flowers "Uncle J. B."  She gave me two of them and I planted one in my front yard and it did nothing.  For three years.  I put another one in my backyard two years ago and it didn't even come up this year.  Earlier this spring, I noticed how huge the one in the front yard was getting.  Strong and sturdy so I had hope!!  It DID start budding and I held my breath.  I was so excited!! I posted a picture of it yesterday with its blooms still closed up tight. 

This is what it looks like today!!

Hey, Uncle J. B.!!  It's so nice to see you!!!


  1. It's beautiful!

    And, on a side note, I always look forward to your blogs. They always make me smile, whether they are funny or serious like this one. Thanks for that.

    Now, about that visit...

  2. That plant has done itself proud. It just wanted to be as stubbon as it's name sake. In his own time he will do his thang. Enjoy this plant, maybe the other one will come up.If not, give this one time it will mutiply. Love you

  3. Nothin here, or from above, is ever on our schedule...always in it's own time! Enjoy, it is very beautiful...hoping the 2nd one will also come on out! Luv ya