Monday, July 25, 2011

It's my summer staycation!

I read this definition of vacation online somewhere and I thought it was so cute and so true!

A vacation is what you take when you can't take what you've been taking anymore.

Now what I've been taking isn't bad at all but I'm still gonna enjoy my week off!!  I don't like to travel that much.  I like to stay pretty close to home and do stuff around my house, read and rest.  Things I don't get to do working full time and going to school.  So when I get a week off, I go on a staycation and I LOVE it!!

I had lots of yardwork planned for today so I got up pretty early and got started.  I had to go to the bank and as I was leaving, I heard geese honking.

It was so funny to hear them honk at me!
They were all out in the road but I was in their way.  I loved it!!

They are just so beautiful!

This little pond is directly behind my bank, at Willow Lake Crossing

I told them to smile and say cheese but you see how they listened.

Last night, my IKEA piggy bank told me that she thought she needed to lose some weight so while we watched True Blood, I counted the pennies she'd been holding.  1,200!!  No wonder the girl felt bloated.

I'd never used the coin machine at Kroger before.  I'd seen it plenty of times so I decided I'd just take my 1,200 pennies there to cash in.  Sure beats rolling them! 

There was one crusty, li'l moldy penny 
that the machine wouldn't take

Here's what I got!  
They charge about 10 cents per dollar 
for their processing fee.
Not a bad deal at all!

So then I came home, cut my little bit of grass,
cleaned the patio and water sealed the deck

And watered my 'mater babies and pepper babies 
that are STILL not ready to eat!

This is why we can't have a 
huge veggie garden but I LOVE all my shade!

This little mess right here is a tree that's been dead for several years and I've just been putting off getting somebody to come cut it down.  It's such a little tree, it was no real threat to the house anyway.  Every time we had a storm, another little piece would break off and I'd tell Larry that eventually, we'll just have a stump out there!  It was so spindly and dead, the branches reminded me of witch's fingers so I called it our Halloween Tree.  Well, today, I was looking at it and I leaned on it a little bit and it rocked.  The roots rocked right out of the ground!  It was time to bring it down.  So I did.  By myself.  Don't let that skinny little thing fool ya.  It was heavy, it was bulky and it was pure evil.  

Look what it did to my leg!

I dragged it to the back of the yard and when it cools off a little, I'll chop it up to use for firewood this winter.  

I had lunch at Cracker Barrel yesterday with a new friend and while we munched on fried okra, she told me about this hobby of hers, geocaching.  It's a scavenger hunt that you use your GPS and phone to play and find things all over town, all over the world, actually.  It sounds like a lot of fun!  So I want to get out this week and see if I can find some around Warner Robins.  Might see if I can find some more fried okra, too.


  1. Make sure you wear bug repellent if you go looking for caches in the woods! The chiggers are really bad this year!

  2. LUV the geese!
    You've had an interesting day.
    Like the tree story, but sorry bout the witch "scratchin" you!!
    Enjoy your much deserved staycation! LUV ya

  3. The geese look like the ones at Lake Blackshear . They have removed them. You had a very busy day. Take care of that Halloween tree cut. The vegetables will do something eventualy . Take care this week,but enjoy yourself. Love you