Sunday, July 17, 2011

This weekend I...

bought a cool new Beatles t-shirt

got scared Saturday morning when this popped up on my dashboard
('cause the last time my tire pressure light came on, I had a flat tire the next day and I ended up having to drive on it which ruined it which made me have to buy a new one, oh my GOD.  I was on my way to see Larry yesterday and the light came on while I was on the interstate.  I got off in Byron and went to see the good folks at Peach Tire and I just had one tire that was two pounds low.  That's all it was!  Maybe the drastic change in temperature we've had this week??  We went from a high of 105 to a high of 80 overnight!  I don't know but I was too scared to risk it.  You know, since... So by the time I got to Macon, the visitation room was full (God forbid they make accommodations for the 100 new guys they just got.  You'd think they would realize that 100 new guys means 100 new families so they would make some room for them.  Nope.  Not the Georgia DOC.  They too stupid to think like that.  If it's not mud boggin' or rasslin', they don't get it.)  I came back home and Larry called to check on me since I hadn't shown up yet and he decided I should just stay home.  He didn't want me standing in that line again.  I love that boy.  This morning, I walked right in.  Piece of cake.

went to see the new Winnie The Pooh movie and LOVED it
(This was the funniest part to me!  All of them in the hole and Piglet trying to rescue them with a piece of rope that he cut into equal pieces for each one of them!  I laughed so hard my sides hurt.)

took another picture for the scavenger hunt I'm doing

watched this mess on pay-per-view last night, Insidious, and commented on Facebook that these people NEED haunting 'cause not one time did they call on Jesus for help.  That would be the FIRST thing out my mouth if cabinets were slamming in my kitchen.  "In the name of JESUS, get out of my house!"  And you know what?  No more slamming cabinets.  Just sayin'.
Um, no.
made a yummy summer fruit salad for yet another birthday party we're having at work tomorrow
(this time it's for one of our nurses, Norma, and she wanted some fruit so I put together this and made some marshmallow fluff/cream cheese dip to go along with it)

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. HouseCLEANin,girl! No Yard sales...bought groceries & got "sticker shock" (FB note)...ate out..SLEPT today 2 times...guess I was Watched HGTV, David Bromstead.
    Not very exciting like you..haha
    Fruit looks YUMMY!
    Glad you had a good weekend...know you luv'd your Pooh movie....LUV ya