Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy happy happy...

...birthday birthday birthday!!  Today was Dr. Rollins' birthday at the office and in our usual partay fashion, we pretty much showed out.  

This is what we had!!

Dr. Rollins' birthday cake was her favorite petit fours

Norma brought us doughnuts, also from Wilson's, 
this morning for breakfast!

Lisa P. made her world famous pickle ham roll ups!

Michelle made these delicious honey, thyme and sea salt flatbreads 
and served them with goat cheese

 Lisa S. made this yummy cheese dip 
and I brought some guacamole and chips from Moe's

Another great birthday celebration for the girls!!  We all pitched in and got her a gift certificate from a local spa so she can feel like a queen another day, too.  Happy Birthday, Jamie!!

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