Friday, July 1, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

The best news I ever received was three times -- when my mama and daddy were both okay following her heart surgeries and his heart attack.  Those two have the biggest hearts of anybody I've ever known and sometimes because they're so big and full of love, they act crazy and we all have to go to the hospital.  :)

Something I'm looking forward to is finishing school!  I've really enjoyed going to school and learning new stuff but I'm ready to be done and move on with my life.  I have one semester left in the fundamentals part and then two more semesters to get my degree.  Sometime next summer, I'm guessing.

Something I would never do is vote Republican!  :) 

If I could choose someone to be my life coach (famous or not, living or dead), I'd choose Jesus.  He knows me inside out and only wants the very best for me.  He would be such an awesome life coach!!  He would encourage me and not call me a loser.  :)

If I had to put a label on my style, it would be comfy and simple.  I am all about comfort and I wear a lot of Old Navy stuff.  I love cotton t-shirts, tanks, shorts and jeans.  And maybe a dress every now and then.  And I hate shoes.  Of any kind.  I'd live my entire life barefoot if I could.  The pavement gets awful hot this time of year, though.

One should always make your bed!

I want to go to San Francisco, stay at The Red Vic and stay in this room!


  1. Indeed, Jesus IS our life coach already! He is the most AMAZING "rock" in my life, too.
    Never heard of the Peace Victorian, but it fits you to a "t". Looks very interesting & fun.
    Your parents def DO have big hearts...they are both very loving,caring people and a real TREAT to know & love back....
    LIKE this one best of any Fri. you've done yet. Go girl.

  2. tHANKS ,BUT WE IS HARDHEADED and with the help of the good Lord ,he will see us through.We have a wonderful family and special friends that keep us going. Love you