Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

 It's 76 degrees here this afternoon!!
Woo hoooo!!!

I got out and took a long walk around my neighborhood.

My neighborhood has a walking track and folks
 from all over Warner Robins come here to walk every day!

This is what the sky looks like!!

This is what green grass looks like!! 
Dogs like to walk here, too.  :)

There's also a wooded hiking trail you can walk and explore!

And this is what a new $132 tire looks like!!

Okay, so Tuesday before class, I was driving through the parking lot between Walgreens and Food Lion to get home and I heard something that made me think my tire was flat.  I stopped, got out, looked, pressed on all four of them and everything and they all seemed to be fine.  I went to class and afterwards, when I got back in the car, my tire pressure light was on.  Uh oh.  I checked again and still had tight tires so I didn't think much of it.  That tire pressure light has been on a lot with the drastic change in temperatures we've had lately (thanks, global warming!!).  Wednesday morning, still lookin' good so I went to work.  I was leaving for lunch Wednesday and I noticed my back passenger tire was low.  I pressed on it a-gain (read that like my buddy Forrest Gump says it!) and it still felt tight so I thought I could make it the three and a half miles to Houston Lake to Express to get it plugged.  Wrong!!  As soon as I got onto Houston Lake, I heard a POW! and the tire started making this horrible flapping noise.  She was a goner.  I pulled into Express with my broke little wing and had to replace the tire.  I had run over a nail.  It could have been plugged Tuesday.  For twenty bucks. Yeah.

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  1. =( sounds like something that would have happened to me.

    but...hey...the grass is green and it was a pretty day.