Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So today is Leap Year Day, a day that only occurs every four years.  I've had a Leap Year Day eleven times in my life.  My grandma was born on February 29th (but got stuck celebrating on the 28th) and I think I remember going to school with a girl who was a leapling as well.

How will we spend this extra day of life we've been given?  Well, it's a Wednesday so most folks will be working.  I'm planning to do something FUN with mine!  Sleeping in is first on the agenda.  :)

I think Leap Year Day is the perfect opportunity to take a leap of faith, don't you?  Just do something crazy, something so unlike you that it makes people sit back and take notice.  I recently took a huge leap of faith when I quit my job without actually knowing for sure when I was going to start my new one.  Folks thought I had a screw loose.  Now I wouldn't recommend doing that unless you are financially able to but it just felt right to me.  As soon as I knew I was selected for the co-op, I quit, without knowing if it would take one month or six for me to be working again.  I felt that it was time for me to go.  I trusted God and He's never let me down before.  He didn't this time either.  Taking a leap of faith requires just that, a HEAP of faith!  

One of my and Larry's favorite scriptures is Mark 5:36.  Don't be afraid.  Just believe.  It's gotten us through some pretty dark hours, some pretty unsure days, and we've been blessed and rewarded for our faith.

Take a deep breath, read that scripture and leap!  Sign up for a class, ask that guy or girl out, eat cake for breakfast, ask for that raise you know you deserve, do something wild and crazy!

Seize this day!  It only comes around every four years.

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