Friday, February 24, 2012

It's his birthday but I got the gift

Today is my sweet Larry's birthday!  Maw always thought it was pretty cool that she shared her birthday with him.  I did this "Ten Things" that I love about him a couple of years ago and I'm adding to that list today.  There are thousands of things that I love about my husband, from his gorgeous blue eyes to the way he can always make me smile, even when I'm mad as a hornet about something.  Here are but ten:

I love how he always gives me the center of his cream cheese danish.  'Cause that's the best part.

I love this, too.  There's an episode of Gunsmoke that he reenacts, adding his own dialogue, that makes me laugh SO hard that I cannot breathe.

I love that all I have to do is HINT that I might want something and he makes it happen.  He spoils me rotten.

I love that he never met her but he loved my Maw as much as I did and he cried with me the morning she died.

I love that he thinks I'm beautiful without makeup.  Bless his heart.

I love that he inspires everyone who is fortunate enough to be around him. He makes people want to be better, do better.

I love that he can fix anything.  And that he has the patience to tell me how to fix stuff, too.

I love how he lights up every single time he sees me.

I love how WARM he is when I'm cold.

I love how I'm his Sunshine and his Rain.  He gave me the nickname "Sunshine" years ago but you can't grow a thing without a good soaking rain and he says I'm that for him, too.  He is such a romantic soul.  I love that about him.

Happy Birthday, baby.  You make my world better just by being in it.


  1. That is so sweet . Glad he is all that and much more for you. Love you

  2. Have a wonderful day with him and send him belated birthday wishes from us!