Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why I'm in love with the Whistle Stop Cafe

I got my fried green tomatoes!

And my barbecue sammich.
"That frying pan did more than fry chicken that night."

 I saw the train that killed Buddy.  :*(

I soaked up some Whistle Stop sunshine with my mama!

I saw the very spot where Big George barbecued that buzzard, Frank Bennett, or so I've been told.  "Dead men tell no tales."

I saw the final resting place of Buddy, Jr.'s arm.
"The Good Lord was watchin' over Stump that day."

 I saw my first real-life movie prop!
This brick looks real, don't it?  It's NOT!  It is FAKE.  As many times as I've been to Juliette and walked up and down the little road that ends at the Whistle Stop, I never noticed this!  And I don't think we would have today if Brian hadn't noticed that it looked like it was peeling.  Wait.  Brick doesn't PEEL.  What??  The entire building, the bank and "druggist", from the movie is covered in this stuff.  A real genuine fake movie prop!  It feels like rubber.  Awesome.

I made friends with a cute li'l Air Force guy.  :)

This little bear told me about a bee charmer 
that he still sees from time to time.

I saw the falls from the movie.  Another first!

And I walked down to the river. It was absolutely gorgeous!

 I saw an old bus that called out to me.  :)

And I had just the most wonderful day with my family!  I saw more of the Whistle Stop area than I've ever seen and Mama and I have been going up there for 15 years!

We also saw some cabins for rent and found out that the old grist mill holds a motorcycle museum now and that it'll be open again in the spring.  We'll be going back for that!

It was never more'n just a little knockabout place, but now that I look back on it, when that cafe closed, the heart of the town just stopped beatin'.  It's funny how a little place like this brought so many people together. - Ninny Threadgoode, Fried Green Tomatoes.


  1. Yall really did "explore" and let us see, too. I didn't get to do that on my trip. Now I want to go, EAT and EXPLORE, too!
    TKS for sharing your expedition. LUV ya

  2. Loved every minute of the trip. Everything seemed to stand still in the little town. love you