Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Second verse, same as the first

I have just about accepted the fact that I'm probably not going to start my new job at the base until next month.  The latest I was told yesterday was that they were bringing all of us co-ops on at the same time and that they are still missing a few things.  I really don't understand if somebody wants a job, why they would lollygag around with paperwork and such.  I didn't.  I got mine done the first week!  My physical and drug test, too!!  So, if I get called in this month, fine.  If it's next month, that's fine, too.  If there is one thing I've learned in my journey with Larry, it's patience.  

I could not have asked for better weather to be free to get out and enjoy it.  We have had such a mild winter, with beautiful warm sunny days that get a little longer every day.  Spring will officially be here in 41 days!

I've tried to stay busy and I'm pretty sure my house has never been cleaner than it is right now.  I got out and raked the leaves in my backyard yesterday and finished up today.  I've got my yard back!  Two huge oak trees make for a LOT of leaves.  Look what I uncovered!

 My sweet little lemon balm coming back to see me!

 Lots of baby Gerbera daisies sprouting in the flower bed!

I've cleaned house, even behind the fridge and the kitchen cabinets!  I've cleaned yards and then I cleaned the house siding of dirt and stuff the past two rain storms had left behind.  I even cleaned the central air unit outside.  I'm trying to stay busy but there is just so much to clean in a small house.  Not that that's a bad thing!!  :)

I'm going to meet Ami and Brian down at Massee Lane Gardens tomorrow.  100+ acres of flowers.  I've never been before and I can't wait!  If I can manage some outside nature time, some road trips, some exploring while I wait on my job, I think I might just make it.  

I know the housewife life is NOT for me, though.  I need to be at WORK!!  Y'all pray that they speed the process up before I scrub the finish off all my furniture.


  1. Honey, I am so sorry about all the excuses you have been given. Enjoy being out doors tomorrow. The camellias are beautiful this time of year. Love you

  2. I'm jealous(as Know you'll enjoy Massee...
    "Busy" work is HARD to find!
    Enjoy your "free"time while you still are able to do so.
    Spending time w/family is the best...for you & them.
    LOVE does make our world turn!!
    LUV ya girl