Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A lady of leisure

Okay, so now I'm on Week FIVE of waiting to start my new job at the base.  Still don't know nothin'.  I was thinking just this morning as I drank my third cup of coffee with the yummy hazelnut creamer that I LOVE so much, that for the past two years (well, nearly, in April) of my life, ALL I wanted was to be picked for the co-op.  I prayed for it, studied hard and read even harder, soaking up every electronic detail I could absorb.  I talked to my Lord and I asked Him to "gimme gimme gimme", but ONLY if it was His will.  I didn't want it if He didn't want it.  He wanted it.  I got it.  And still, here I sit at home every day.  Waiting.  There's a whole new process to the co-op hiring and they're working through that.  New people, new policies, that's what's taking so long.  It's starting to become comical to me.

I'm cool, though.  I've been doing a Photo-A-Day challenge on Facebook with our Macon County Georgia Photo Walk group and if you're my friend on FB, you've seen my pictures all month.  Today's photo was "where you work".  Bwah!  Hysterical.  Um, my house, maybe??  My yard?  Words With Friends on Facebook?  Ike Godsey's store??  (I watch The Waltons every day, all day.  Don't judge.)

This is the photo I took and posted for today.

 Where I work, indeed. 
Right out of the cabinet under my kitchen sink.  

I had planned to just transfer some $$$$ from a savings account to my checking to live on until I started, you know, actually getting a paycheck again, good LORD (read that like Grandma Walton says it!), but my sweet husband had an even better idea.  He collected autographed photos for over 30 years and we have nearly 11,000 in this house so he suggested that I just try to sell some of those on eBay and see how it goes.  

Y'all.  It has gone beyond my wildest dreams!!  I have made more money in the month I've been at home than I would have made at my old job.  It has been AMAZING.  I cannot believe in this economy that people would pay hundreds of dollars for an autographed photo.  But they HAVE.  And some of them come back for more.  I've had repeat business!!  

You know this is NO accident.  This eBay thing is the Lord working it out and it makes me giggle when I think about it.  He is so awesome.  This base job IS what He wants for me.  And He's taking care of me until it happens.  


  1. You def are not letting idle hands become the devil's workshop!! Larry is a very smart man...keeping you busy, with an income "working" at home. Genius.
    Hoping when the job does come will be a good experience--worth all your hard work and patience.
    Delayed gratification is sometimes ruff! HIS plan is rolling on....:))

  2. I must admit I was getting a little concerned about you, but I am glad to hear it is working out so well. Now, sell a picture and come up to see us. No, really.