Thursday, February 9, 2012

An afternoon among the camellias

We had a wonderful, relaxing afternoon at Massee Lane Gardens today!  I was there four hours and got to walk among some of the most beautiful flowers and trees in the state!  We had a picnic lunch and just took our time and enjoyed a leisurely tour of the gardens.

We had the place nearly to ourselves and enjoyed a calm, soothing Japanese garden where we sat and talked and listened to the babbling brook that fed the oh so peaceful pond that was home to some of the biggest fish I've ever seen!  You see 'em in there?? 

 And there was a canopy of cherry blossoms overhead!

Here are a few pictures of the gorgeous flowers that just begged to have their beauty struck.  :)


  1. Beautiful. Glad you had a fun "photo walk".
    Pics great...LUV them.