Saturday, November 19, 2011

Forever is only the beginning...

Forever is FOREVAH when you're a vampire.  

I was gonna wait to see Breaking Dawn until the hooplah died down.  And I did wait.  18 hours.  Ha!  I'm pathetic.

But I'm not even ashamed that I like Twilight.  I've said it here before.  Openly and without shame.  At 44, I love me this teenaged vampire love story.

And it's exciting to go and be a part of that chaos.

I consumed all four books in about three months' time, back when I worked at Citi and we were slow.  I read them at work!  So when the movies started, I got sucked into them, too.

And I'm not the only one.  Breaking Dawn made $70 million yesterday, over $30 million at the midnight showing.  That's pretty incredible for a bunch of kids.

Breaking Dawn was my favorite book of the four so I've been looking forward to this movie for years.  Yes, even though it basically builds up to nothing much.  It was my favorite.  I love Renesmee's sweet little character and I really hope Stephenie Meyers writes her story as well.

The movie did not disappoint.  I laughed a lot and even cried twice.  I thought Kristen Stewart did an amazing job in this movie.  Bella's inexperienced attempt at seduction was absolutely hilarious.  As a beautiful bride, nervous newlywed and then the very pregnant Bella, who was determined to protect and have her baby, despite the fact the child was killing her, robbing her of nutrients and breaking her bones.  True to the book, she looked like a corpse.  Skinny and gray.  It was really hard to watch.

And she seems to have gotten control over that thing she was doing with her mouth that drove me up a tree.  Maybe she heard it bugged me. :)  I wrote on Facebook that I take back all the snarky things I've ever said about her.  She was awesome. 

They all were.  Jacob's imprinting on the baby was both sweet and hilarious.  The wolf pack angst was great comic relief and the bed-breaking scene was one of the funniest scenes of the series.

This movie is part one of the story and breaks in just the right place.  Part two will be released next November.  I'll be there.

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