Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday!

I didn't want to be a part of Black and Blue Friday so I stayed home yesterday completely away from that mess and I decorated my house for Christmas. I had declared this a no-mall Christmas for me last month and pretty soon after that, I saw this commercial for Small Business Saturday that was taking place the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I was SO excited!!  Right up my alley, it was!!  I had already bought some things online from individuals and small businesses and I'd done a little shopping locally here in Warner Robins but to have a whole day set aside for the little man??  I was tickled pink.

I hope everybody went and bought something at a small business today.  Just one thing will make such a difference.

I can't talk much about what I bought because my family reads my blog but this one place I went to (mostly for me!) was a little hippie/new age hole in the wall (that had the AC crunk and it felt so good in there!).  I found so many goodies in there!!  Hand poured soy candles, handmade lavender stuffed pillows, tiny little silver rings, oh, so much stuff to get into!!  I got me some patchouli oil and some candles and these things right heah...

The wrapper says it's a "relaxing chocolate chip cookie".  It ain't lyin'.  The cookies have 5-HTP, which is hydroxytryptophan, basically the same stuff that's in turkey that makes us all mellow and lookin' for somewhere to lay down.  I highly recommend them.  Ha!  100% natural and 100% legal.  You can't beat that.

My Small Business Saturday was a hit!  I think we should do this EVERY Saturday.

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  1. Better watch those chocolate chip cookies cause they sound too good to be true.Glad you found a small business to shop at. Love you.