Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

Today, on this BEAUTIFUL fall day, I am loving another chance to compost something!  My friend, Jami, gave me this cup yesterday that is made from corn and is 100% compostable. 

This is that Sun Chips bag that's been in my compost since June 2010.  SIXTEEN MONTHS.  And as you can see, you can still read the writing on the bag.  It was advertised to break down in 14 weeks IF your compost maintained a high enough temperature (130 degrees Fahrenheit).  My compost doesn't get that hot but they SAID it would STILL BREAK DOWN under lower temps, IT'D JUST TAKE LONGER.  Longer than 64 weeks??  Come on.  I don't think it's happenin'.

So we're gonna see what our little corn cup does.  I'll keep y'all posted! Thanks, Jami and John!!

I'm loving the fall gorgeousness that's going on around the condostead this week!

And I'm loving these few things I have that belonged to my Maw.  I went Saturday with Mama, Ami and Brian to Maw's house and it was a pretty rough day.  Our family is doing what's got to be done, sort through her things, you take this, I'll take that, but it was overwhelming and very, very sad.  Very sad, too, that her little Easter bunnies and eggs and chickies were still out because the last time she lived there, it was Eastertime.

Ami spied these ceramic mushroom canisters and said they looked like they belonged with me.  Thank you, sissy.  They sure do.

I thought these New Orleans Bourbon Street lamp post salt and pepper shakers were just the coolest thing!  I don't remember Maw ever going to New Orleans but she and Major traveled a lot early in their marriage so maybe they took a trip over there.


This was really the only thing I truly wanted.  It's an aerial oil painting that Major had made right after they married in 1976.  I have loved it since I was a child.  It's of their house and land in Montezuma.  You can even see Maw's car parked at the back door where she always parked.  So much about this picture makes me cry.  The trees near the road that were like a forest to a little girl.  I'd go in there and hide!  It was dark and cool and cozy.  There was a fig tree closer to the house and I ate so many figs one day, I got a bellyache.  To the right of the house, they had a huge garden and we'd go pick peas and tomatoes and squash in the summertime before Daddy started planting his own garden every year.  I saw a snake one time in the shed out back and it scared the crap outta me!  I sat on Major's old blue tractor many a summer day pretending that I was driving it.  Just seeing the house reminds me of years and years of Thanksgivings and Christmas Eves spent there, of afternoons spent there when Maw would come pick me up from school because I was sick (and sometimes when I wasn't!) and she'd take me back to her house and fry me some cornbread and we'd watch the stories all afternoon.  Just so, so many memories of that warm, comforting old house.  This picture means SO much to me.  I will cherish it forever.

 Ain't it so beautiful?
You really have no idea.


  1. It's sooo good to know you were able to retrieve some memory-makers from Maw. Know you do LUV those items.
    Go w/yo compost should DO what they proclaim. Stay w/it...LUV ya

  2. All those keepsakes mean a lot to you,but your memories are the best. Love you

  3. That's lots of neat stuff. :-) Aerial photos are fun to look at, to see all the details. When I worked for The Man I would help find people's homes by using them and some people thought it was live!