Friday, November 11, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

My favorite new blog of the moment is Freckled Nest.  Leigh-Ann has beautiful photography, cute clothes and she drives an awesome 1974 Oldsmobile station wagon that she calls Bacon.  Ha!  She's thrifty, creative and oh so vintage.  I LOVE her blog!!

Something I'm thankful for is being able to spend today with Larry.  It's Veterans' Day and he's the bravest, sweetest, cutest veteran I know!  Spending Veterans' Day together has become a tradition for us and while it may mean more to me than it does to him, it's very important for me to let him know how very proud I am of him for yesterday, right now and tomorrow, too.

Something that made me laugh this week (besides my silly husband!) was Tuesday night after I registered for my classes next semester, I was in the student lounge and I put a quarter in the candy vending machine to get some Mike and Ikes.  The machines look like this.  You know the ones.  I put my quarter in and got ONE piece of candy.  You 'sposed to get a handful.  I got ONE MIKE.  That just struck me as hilarious and I literally busted out laughing.  I kept saying, "I got a Mike." like Charlie Brown and his trick-or-treating rocks.  Ha!

An item that is currently on my wish list is a tambourine.  :)

I'm excited about a LOT of things!!  Thanksgiving, my creative Christmas shopping, meeting Brandy and Mike, Willow and Roan next month, my interview at the base no matter the outcome, our practice moving to our brand new office, just ALL kinds of things!!  It's a very exciting time for me.  I said "creative Christmas shopping" because that's what I'm planning to do this year.  I declared this a "no-mall Christmas" last month on Facebook and got some positive feedback so I'm staging a revolution against big business this year.  Sticking it to the man by helping out the little man.  I LOVE that idea!!  I'm not saying every single gift I buy will be from small business but yeah, the majority will be.  I only have about 15 people to buy for anyway.  I've already started and where there were specific things family members wanted, I was able to buy them from individuals at Etsy and eBay!  I am SO excited about this.  Sears and Walmart DO NOT need our business.  People struggling to survive the end of the year need our business.  That's why I say we will have to be creative.  Put some thought into it, plan ahead.  It's so easy to just run to the mall and do our Christmas shopping.  That's what we always do.  I'm proposing we do things differently this year.  These are very different times we're living in right now.  Let's help each other!  Stick it to the man!!

If I were a color, I would be that beautiful blue-green color of the sea.  For obvious reasons.  :)

My favorite way to spend a chilly day is I ain't even gonna lie.  Asleep.  Under a quilt.

Happy Weekend!! 


  1. You have a good point about the shopping this year. That's the point Christopher didn't understand when he was little.Glad ya'll had a good day. You have always loved to get under a quilt on cold days. Love you

  2. Haha I love your answer to the last blank! Hilarious & straight forward. I like it.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Stopping by from Lauren's blog.

  3. We are excited to see you, too! Less than a month!