Friday, November 25, 2011

More Christmas!

That tiny little picture on the right 
is of me and Mama my first Christmas.

My collection of Santas with a copy of 
'Twas The Night Before Christmas that Ami gave me.
They go perfect together!

I had the perfect dish for our sweet little clay ornaments!

Plate all ready for Santa's cookies!
 Huge Christmas ornaments I borrowed from Mama!

 Who says a Christmas tree has to be pine or fir?
I say a eucalyptus makes a fine Christmas tree!

 Please to ignore the satellite and the MOON next door.

Santa hangin' around on the front door.


  1. I love all that. It is very Christmasy.

  2. **LIKE **LIKE
    good job on deco....

  3. Ginger I need you here to help me decorate my new camper for Christmas..... You are so talented with that stuff. You apt. is awesome.
    love, Aunt Linda