Friday, May 27, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

If I could get away somewhere for the weekend, I would go to the beach and I would bring my toothbrush, baby sunblock and that book I'm STILL reading.

Something I often rant about is that barking dog next door.  Grrrr.  And woof!

One item I need to have in my fridge at all times is A-1 steak sauce.  I eat it with everything!

My "life-saving" product is Burt's Bees lip balm.  I keep a tube in my pocketbook, one in my makeup bag, one in my nightstand drawer and one in my desk drawer at work. I'm never far from a lip balm fix!

A friend is someone you could go years without seeing and then pick right up where you left off

If I could write my own blank, it would be:  One thing I must have in my dream house is ____________________________.  My answer to that would be a ridiculously huge walk-in pantry.

My favorite kind of art is 60's hippie folk art.  Peace signs, a Woodstock poster, an Andy Warhol print, vintage photography, that kind of thing.

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