Monday, May 9, 2011

Mama's day

We had a wonderful day loving on Mama and Daddy yesterday.  Here are a few pictures!  Mama got some great presents, a beautiful iron trellis and a cute little terracotta red bird statue to put out in her garden from Ami and Brian and I gave her two pretty summer gowns.  

The food was awesome and the company was even better!

Mama made me some chicken and rice!!  
I told her I didn't blog about it to get her to make me some 
but I'm SO glad she did.  Look at it.  It tastes every bit as good.  Dang.

Me and Mama on the back porch

Pretty flower centerpiece Mama made

The Hall Five (you know, like The Jackson Five only not.  Ha!)
L to R, Ami, Mama, Ricky, Daddy and me on the steps

More pretty flowers in Mama and Daddy's backyard
Gorgeous dahlia!

Another beautiful amaryllis!

***I don't even take pictures anymore because Ami and Brian do such a fabulous job capturing our family get-togethers.  I just wanted to give them credit for these amazing pictures!!  Thanks, y'all, for taking them and for not fussing when I steal them for my blog!!  :)***


  1. Sweet...know there was LOVE all over that get-together! LUV the pix, too.

    Food looks yummy!!

  2. oh man. that chicken and rice...