Friday, June 18, 2010

A Day Off

I have today off! And I really, really, reallyohmygod needed it. I had planned to sleep late but that damn dog next door saw to it that that wasn't going to happen. She did let me sleep until 9:00, though, but that's early for me. I was thinking more like 1:00! This dog has been barking since NOVEMBER and she's driving me nuts. I've talked to her owners several times and called the police once. The police came out, told them (and me) if they got another call, they'd take the dog. I don't want that. There are little kids in that house who love that dog and I can't take her away from them. So, I've just been stewin'. And throwing stuff over the fence at her, telling her to shut up. I can't sleep late, take naps or study. My neighbors tell me she's barking at squirrels. Well, that's just retarded.

I got a gift card from Walmart in the mail the other day with an invitation to come join them for the grand opening of our newly remodeled store. I needed a few things anyway and since I was already up, I got dressed and went over there and walked around a little bit and I have to admit, it looks so good. Even if the shoes are in the front of the store. I've only been in there twice during the remodeling process and the-shoes-in-the-front-of-the-store thing had me all in a tizzy. Shoes don't belong in the front of the store. That's just downright un-American.

I left there and went to PetSmart and got one of those silent dog whistles that I'm gonna try on Li'l Miss Prissy next door. The guy at the store told me I could try to train her to not bark by blowing that whistle when she does. We'll see...

I'm gonna go see Toy Story 3 this afternoon. I had a girls' night out Wednesday night with Lisa and Jennifer from work to celebrate me not having to go to class (We're so easy. We'll celebrate anything. Ha!). We went to Mellow Mushroom (yum!!) but didn't even get pizza. We did good!! I had the Capri salad and a half avocado sandwich on wheat. Then we went to the brand new theater out on 96 to see Killers. The movie was cute (and so was Ashton Kutcher!) and the theater is soooo nice. It's COLD in there, though, but they have pizza so it's a wash.


  1. Great idea about the dog whistle, who would have known. Hope it works. Got the South Beach Diet book. Will try to start very soon. I know I can do the first 2 weeks of strict phase 1 especially knowing it attacks the belly first. Yippee.

  2. Oh, that's great!!! Once you get through the sugar withdrawals, you'll be home free!! Get some Truvia or any kind of stevia, really. That stuff is good. SB really works. You'll drop 8-10 pounds those first two weeks. Keep me posted!!!