Monday, May 9, 2011

Dirt road home

I grew up on a dirt road in an entire neighborhood of dirt roads. They were all around us. I remember long summer days walking those dusty, red roads with Odie and Reckless and Copper and Bull and all the other dogs we had over the years along with my brother and sister and all the neighborhood kids, I remember being so excited when it rained 'cause I knew the road scraper would come and dig us a deep ditch to play in and I remember learning to drive on those roads.  I remember one night driving by myself when I probably shouldn't have been driving by myself and ending up in one of those ditches and my daddy had to get somebody to help him pull me out.  I remember days spent playing in the ditch, building forts and houses and playing dolls and Barbies with my sister when she got old enough to play and playing war with my brother.  The road scraper made the BEST dirt clods ever!!  Only Daddy wouldn't let us throw them at each other because they might have had rocks in them we couldn't see.  To this day when I see a dirt clod, I think that it might have a rock in it.  :)

What's sad is I don't see very many dirt clods anymore.  I don't see very many dirt roads anymore.  I've been living in the city for eight years now and part of me yearns for the country.  (The part of me that has to live beside the MOON, especially)

I miss it.  

Mama and Daddy live on a paved road but there is a dirt road that leads to it.  You have to go out of your way to get to it but I did that yesterday.  Went out of my way.  On purpose.  :)

This is me driving and taking a picture with my cell phone at the same time. It's a wonder Daddy didn't have to get somebody to help him pull me out of the ditch!

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  1. You need to hunt up all those neighborhood kids and have a reunion.Just don't have a clog fight . Love you