Saturday, May 21, 2011


A new Aldi Food Market opened up here last week and I went to check it out this afternoon.  I just needed a few things, some milk and bread and produce stuff.  

I was very impressed!  It's a very different concept than we're used to.  You pay a quarter to get your buggy and get your quarter back when you return your buggy to the stalls.  No loose buggies rolling around hitting cars!!  Pay attention, Kroger.  

You also bag your own stuff.  They sell paper bags for 6 cents and plastic bags for 10 cents and I LOVE THAT.  I wish every store charged for plastic bags.  I keep cloth bags in the trunk of my car for groceries so I was totally prepared to bag and carry my stuff out to the car.  After all, I have shopped at IKEA.  :)

Here's a pic of some of my Aldi finds!!

A loaf of wheat bread for 25 cents!
A bunch of bananas for 15 cents!
A bag of navel oranges for 79 cents!

I spent $30 altogether but I got a LOT of stuff!!  All in all, I give our new Aldi Food Market a big old thumbs up!  It was super clean, easy to find stuff, very SIMPLE in its concept.  I loved it.  And I'll be baaaaaaaack.  (That's my ARNOLD THE DOG impersonation.  Don't even get me started on that train wreck.  Arrrrrrggggggh.)


  1. I wondered when you would check it out. Sounds like a well kept place. You got a lot of stuff. Hope it continues to be a good place clean and money wise.

  2. I have only gone in there once and did not buy anything. I think names that were unfamiliar on the packages threw me. I will definitely go again. Bread for 25 cents. Good gracious. Groceries are so high now that even Wally World is not cheap.