Friday, April 8, 2011

Love thy neighbor...

 ...even when he parks a fifth wheel big as the MOON this close to your house.


I live in a neighborhood of condo duplexes, villas is what it says on the deed.  I love this neighborhood.  It's normally really quiet and peaceful, even though the hub of Warner Robins is directly behind us.  Last weekend, somebody moved into the condo next to me.  The same one that was painted that Gawd-awful hooker red a year and a half ago.  They moved in, parked this monstrosity in the driveway and left.  Just left. Seriously??  

OH!!  And I found a pair of hot pink panties in my front yard on Wednesday.  Never a dull moment.

But!!  On a HAPPY note!!  Look at my chives and basil!!
They gettin' so big.  :)

***Update***  The City of Warner Robins sucks.  There is NOTHING I can do about the RV/fifth wheel/MOON unless it blocks traffic or somebody is living in it.  I'm moving to the country.  


  1. You & Ami need some acreage in the COUNTRY!!! Y'all seem to have bad luck w/neighbors....UGH!
    Herbs coming along very well..Lookin good. LUV ya

  2. You find your neighbor and you might find the owner of the drawers.Just hang them on their camper mirror to greet them when they do come back. Love you:

  3. What happened at the job interview? Oh, just read your last few entries. Sounds like the undies are a sign. LOL
    P.S. I need a trip to Ikea as well. I just want to smell the cinnamon rolls.

  4. The magic word was synamie, is that anything like cinnamon?

  5. What the heck is synamie?? :) I didn't get picked for the job at the base. They interviewed 80 and took 11. It's a complete shot in the dark to get picked. I have a 4.0, the highest work ethic grade they give and nearly perfect attendance. It's probably more who you know. I'll have another shot in June.