Monday, May 25, 2015

Our Memorial Day

While Larry grilled our burgers and hot dogs, I painted this child-size picnic table that came with our house.  It's really too small for Elizabeth and Emma but Charlotte will be here soon and she can sit at it when she comes to visit!

Banjo and Tabbie Hoffman hung around for a while but when Tabbie got bored and Banjo figured out I didn't have any food for him, they both left me.



Larry brought me a glass of tea but I didn't get to drink it for very long.


My very own grill master.  :)

He did a great job, too!!

Back to work!

And here it is, all freshly painted and ready for a little girl and her sippy cup.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I hope you stopped a minute and thought about how we came to have this holiday --- to remember with a grateful heart the many men and women who gave their lives in combat.  

We honor their sacrifice and will never forget them.


  1. The food looks good and you did a great job on the picnic table. Now,looks like your yard is about finished and looks so cheerful and welcoming to all ages. Love you.

  2. Thank you all for giving me a country that allows us pray to Jesus, eat pork, play rock & roll music, or anything else that comes to mind that doesn't hurt others. I wish all those that gave all that we might have this could know how very, very thankful we are. (Larry)

  3. We have the same butter dish. :-) And a tiny picnic table.