Sunday, May 17, 2015

Garden update (with chili!)

Our little garden is getting bigger every day!!  

The squash plants are just slap full of blooms!

And then there's this little feller!!  I was so excited to see him this morning!!!

The tomatoes are coming along great, too.  Lots of little yellow flowers on them!

The banana and bell peppers have lots of little buds.

One tiny little bell pepper!

Larry made chili today in our Oster roaster and cleaned the kitchen as he went.  Be still, my heart.  :)

Guess we'll be having chili for supper!  And lunch and supper and lunch and supper...

1 comment:

  1. OMG! The amount of love and attention Ginger applies to her garden friends is astonishing and they are responding like happy babies. The results are incredible. May not seem like much to folks who do this every year, but until this year Ginger hasn't had any yard with enough sunshine to grow a mustard seed. So look what she's done with that sunshine, good earth, love and Jesus sprinkling His holy water on it. Amazing!