Sunday, May 24, 2015

Just a'swingin'...

A couple of weeks ago, Larry and I were working refinishing a hardwood floor for a rental property job he had and we found this amazing old outdoor swing just sitting forgotten in a neighbor's yard.  We got it for TEN dollars!! 

A little love, a little scrubbing and a little paint later and this is it today!!

Larry had to put little feet on the front because he had to cut so much rust out.  I think it's so cute with feet!  We are sure going to enjoy this thing.  And we have a grandbaby coming this summer named Charlotte.  She may or may not know the words to John Anderson's "Swingin'" by the time she's a year old.  ;)

I think it looks so nice there!

My calendula is doing great!  I've already started drying petals.

 All of a sudden, the yard is just full of these!  Lilies??

That baby loves his daddy.

And this one is sooooo tired from his big birthday!

The cucumber has completely taken over the pot we put it in.  We've staked it twice already.  Every morning, it's even bigger and taller.  I've already moved the cherry tomatoes to its own pot because it wasn't getting enough sun.  I might have to move this sun hog to the garden.

I wrote this on our board in the kitchen.  Larry added the dots on the tomatoes. :)

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  1. Life ain't about staying busy, it's about realizing the wonder of life that keeps our eyes and hearts busy with joy. (Larry)