Monday, May 11, 2015

Garden update!

Our little gardens are growing like crazy!!  The cucumbers are gonna push everybody else out of the pot!  They look like Swiss-cheese-cucumber plants right now 'cause we had some munchers but I took care of that.  I made some all-natural insect repellent that's safe for the plants, us, our furbabies and the earth and sprayed it on there yesterday afternoon.  Bye bye, muncher moochers!

We have twelve baby squash, five tomatoes and five peppers in our garden!  And grass.  We have grass in our garden.  When it cools off a little this afternoon, I'm gonna weed that grass out of there.  We have Centipede grass and it's pretty territorial.  It didn't like that little spot we cleared, I reckon.

I added a peppermint plant and a lemon balm to the mix, too. 

I'm just so proud of my calendula!  It's growing like crazy, too, in pots on the deck and there's already a bud!!

We got this adorable outdoor swing today for $10!  Larry was working on a rental property and I went along to help.  It's a sweet little house, built in the 50's and has the cutest little porch awning and front door!  We worked on a gorgeous hardwood floor in the master bedroom and painted the sun room.  Larry spied this swing in a neighbor's backyard while we were there.  We got it and a gas/charcoal grill for the $10.  An even better deal!  We brought it home and I pressure-washed it and it looks so good!  We're going to sand it and paint it and put some pretty cushions on it.  And maybe, if we're lucky, find a canopy for it.  I just love it.

We wanted to have a yard sale Saturday but we didn't want to have a yard sale Saturday so we got together some things, I took pictures and listed them on several of the local Facebook yard sale pages.  We sold five things and made $120!  And didn't have to set up tables, lug everything out, stand around all day talking to folks, lug everything back inside when it was over.  None of that.  All we had to do was run to Kroger three times to meet the folks buying our stuff.  Best kind of "yard sale"!!

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  1. After buying the outdoor swing from the neighbor I dropped it off at home along with Ginger, and I returned to put polyurethane on the hardwood floor that Ginger and I had spent the morning cleaning. When I returned home and saw the incredible clean-up job Ginger had done on the swing my doubts about its worth were washed away like the dirt on that swing! AND cooked a pot roast, rice, cabbage AND a cherry pie!! All at the same time. Pretty amazing lady, and she does these kinds of things every danged day.