Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mama's Day

We spent a wonderful afternoon with Mama for Mother's Day today.  Daddy grilled the most delicious hamburger steaks and we had potato salad, green beans, squash casserole, two cakes, strawberry shortcake, rolls...just a feast!

Mama got the most beautiful flowers!  Daddy gave her gorgeous pink and white roses, Ricky gave her the prettiest yellow calla lily and Larry and I got her a vase with three red roses, one rose for each of her babies. 

I got some beautiful flowers, too.  From Banjo.  Well, Larry picked 'em but Banjo picked them out.  He went straight for the wild strawberry.  :)

Here she is reading her card from us.  It says, "Weeeeee wish you a happy Mother's Day!"  She got a gift card to Lowe's so she can get some garden stuff, some of her favorite smelly-good and a pretty summer gown.

Thanks for everything, Mama.  From the hours it took to bring this big old nine pound, six ounce girl into the world to the hundreds of nights you checked on me as I slept to the sacrifices you made every single day of my life to make sure I had shoes, clothes, food, school stuff, Tiger Beat magazines, Alabama tickets, whatever it was that I thought I needed.  You were my first friend, you are my best friend.  I love you very much!!

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  1. I love you to.That is so sweet.You are most welcome .Wouldn't have had things any other way.What is that they learn on the first born and i think we did a great job together.